Campus Life

Campus Life@MU

Established in a sprawling 130 acres of the Tech Mahindra Technology Centre at Hyderabad, the university provides students a modern lifestyle and a unique multi-cultural immersion in a predominantly green campus.

Elegant hostel accommodation, sports and recreational facilities, and several dining areas serving global cuisine add to the world-class ambience of the campus. Through the provision of connected class rooms, laboratories, computer centre, a well-stocked library and prototyping facilities, every faculty member and student has easy access to modern equipment and the information they need to complement their academic activities.

Mahindra University is home to advanced scientific infrastructure that aid faculty and students in keeping up with the real world problems and the latest trends in the industry.

The academic facility features state-of-the-art Physics, Chemistry, Design Thinking, Media Studies, Film, Video, Audio and Language labs, and expansive workshops with the best of the breed equipment sourced globally. The 3-D printing and prototyping labs, the Electrical-Electronics lab and the NVIDIA Super Computer Lab are committed to providing world-class infrastructure and superlative processing speeds to support its strong research vision across various disciplines.