Mahindra University
Mahindra e-hub

With a view to create an enabling eco-system on campus and to develop leadership and organizational skills, the center has instituted and setup a Student Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell (EIC).

The incubation center

Mahindra e-Hub

Mahindra e-hub

The Incubation center has been set up with the intent to harness the intellectual potential and the spirit of enterprise among the students, faculty, and alumni of the university. It also intends to nurture those who want to solve, social, economic, and civic challenges through technology cutting across various sectors of the economy. At its core, Mahindra e- Hub is a technology-based incubator (TBI) that is industry agnostic and is driven by critical thinking, innovation, and a spirit of enterprise.

What does Mahindra e-hub offer you?

  • Co-working space
  • Access to workshops & Labs
  • Technology guidance
  • Prototype development
  • Business Mentoring
  • Go to market Strategy
  • Legal, accounting and marketing support services
  • Seed fund
  • Corporate connect
  • Networking with investors
Programs at Mahindra e-Hub

Incubation program - The Mahindra e Hub Incubation Program is specifically designed to help early stage to mid stage startups looking for accelerating their pace & scale up. Entrepreneurs joining Mahindra E Hub are provided with the best opportunities and knowledge to refine their idea, launch their enterprises, grow it into scalable business. Various takeaways from the Incubation program include access to labs and workshops, co-working space and access to mentors, connecting to investors and more. The duration of the program is three months. We will organize the program virtually. Participants can get a chance to connect, contact and get to know the professionals and investors from different sectors.