Mahindra e-hub (Me-H) is an integral part of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) at Mahindra University (MU). The Incubation facility at CEI has been set up intending to harness the intellectual potential and the spirit of enterprise among the students, faculty, and alumni of the university. It also intends to nurture those who want to solve social, economic, and civic challenges through technology cutting across various sectors of the economy. At its core, e- Hub is a technology-based incubator that is industry agnostic and is driven by critical thinking, innovation, and a spirit of enterprise

Mahindra e-hub offers you:

  • Co-working space
  • Technology guidance
  • Prototype development
  • Business & Legal Mentoring
  • Seed fund
  • Networking & Corporate connect

Mahindra e-hub


Mahindra e- Hub (Me-H) is spread over 2000 sq. feet of area, which can accommodate 15 entrepreneurs. The incubation Centre facilitates through starting, shaping and scaling up innovative ventures resulting from student-faculty research. Some facilities offered are:

Training & Development

Mahindra e-hub would organise various need-based training workshops and events on IPR, Legal aspects, Business Model generation, finance & accounts, business plan, go-to-market strategy etc for the incubating start-ups entrepreneurs from outside. Mahindra University, being a member of Babson Collaborative, incubatees can also attend online events and training workshops organised by Babson College-USA.

Computing and communication facilities

Mahindra e-hub will provide necessary equipment such as computer systems, network, Internet access, telephone. UPS, generator, air-conditioners, etc. The facility of supercomputer shall also be available for all incubates of e-Hub. Some of the other facilities include fax, photocopying, 24 X 7 security, reception, secretarial services, etc.


The increasing interest among students, faculty and alumni in pursuing their innovative ideas and treading the path of entrepreneurship has led to the creation of one of the kind operational model of incubation at Mahindra e-hub. The model includes three phases - pre-incubation, incubation, and graduation.

operation model


Mahindra e-hub would release twice a year call for recruiting a new cohort to generate an adequate number of applications to incubate. A selection committee would be constituted having members from the start-up ecosystem and potential investors. Carefully selected entrepreneurs based on their commitment, readiness and incubation potential will be a part of the cohort. (Read more)


The incubation phase is composed of several activities that help the entrepreneur and the start-up to be market-ready. The following activities are performed to support the entrepreneur:


Once the incubatees are on board, their business ideas would be refined with the help of industry mentors and technical experts. Each incubatees will be attached to a mentor for regular interaction and monitoring of the progress. Such mentors would be chosen from the list of mentors already onboarded with Mahindra e-hub and others having relevant industry experience. Incuabtee-mentor matching will be done considering the readiness of the mentor to spare time and expertise.

Gaining proof of Concept

Once the prototype is ready, the incubatees would be guided to go for a test marketing and learn from the customer feedback & user experiences (UX). This is an iterative process. Based on the customer feedback and UX, incubate needs to modify, refine its prototype and repeatedly test the market to validate the value proposition.

Business Model Design

Product-market fit is not enough for the success and sustainability of a new venture. A profitable and sustainable business model has to be designed. Revenue models have to be well thought out so as to make sure the start-ups do not burn the cash for a long. Incubates would be provided with expert mentoring services in this regard.


Assistance in Business Plan Preparation & Pitching

Once the business model is validated, incubates will prepare a business plan for pitching to potential investors. Training, guidance and assistance will be provided to incubatees in preparing their winning business plan and a pitch deck. Mock pitch sessions would be organised to provide useful feedback and tips to incubates.

Investors' connect

Since they would-be involved right from the cohort selection process, this step can be eased out. Besides this, pitch days would be organised to invite potential investors. Incubatees will also be encouraged to participate in various business idea/ business plan competitions so as to hone their skills in pitching and validating their business plans.

IPR & Legal Services

Mahindra e-hub has already retained a highly reputed agency-Accelero Corporation- a legal and accounting services company dedicated to start-up needs. The faculty members of the school of law at Mahindra University would be additional resource persons for guiding incubatees on legal and IPR matters.

Hiring Support

Mahindra University with its' large pool of engineering and business management students, the incubating start-ups would be encouraged to hire interns at affordable salaries.

For more information connect with:

Mahindra e-hub Incubation Program

The Mahindra e-hub Incubation Program is specifically designed to help early stage to mid stage start-ups looking for accelerating their pace & scale up. Entrepreneurs joining Mahindra E Hub are provided with the best opportunities and knowledge to refine their idea, launch their enterprises, grow it into scalable business. The duration of the program is three months. Participants can get a chance to connect, contact and get to know the professionals and investors from different sectors. Mahindra e-hub would periodically also conduct short duration certificate programs in entrepreneurship for potential entrepreneurs from outside of the University who are having innovative business ideas.

Thrust Areas

Mahindra e- Hub seeks to incubate start-ups which offer technology driven solutions cutting across sectors of the economy. Mahindra e-hub (Me-H) also endorses the UN- Sustainable development goals and would seek to incubate start up that contribute to the SDG agenda. Me-H/MU endorses the view that only through integrating Industry 4.0 with the sustainable development goals in an eco-innovation platform, can it really ensure sustainable business practices? Me-H /MU also strongly believes that the convergence of Industry 4.0 technologies towards the SDGs platform is possible but requires supportive innovation and policies. When integrated with the SDGs, Industry 4.0 is expected to drive opportunities for proactive responses, but the real integration will only occur with new and innovative business ideas that need to be incubated and commercialized.



Favo Construction Technologies

FAVO is an automation and construction materials start-up developing a mobile robot for concrete 3D printing, bricklaying, plastering, and painting applications. We are addressing the extreme labour dependency of the construction industry, especially in mid-sized residential and large-scale villa construction projects. With our patented technology, we aim to reduce the cost and time of construction by a minimum of 40%.

FAVO's founding team:

  • SHIVA BHISNE: CEO & Chief Product Officer (CPO) - Robotics.

medi tech

Madi Tech Solutions

Madi Tech Solutions aims to carry on the business of indigenous technology development of high quality, safe, cost effective and reliable electrical and electronics equipment related to renewable power generation, as per international standards. The company specifically deals in products related to renewable energy sources utilizable at household scale and at commercial setups for example bidirectional electric vehicle supply equipment, AC based EV charger, DC based EV charger, grid connected solar inverters, smart DC home management systems, online UPS etc.

MadiTech Solutions founding team:



YUMPLOY is an initiative to have a robust, authentic, and credible information repository for all persons working in India. This develops trusted and permanent fact sheet of information about each candidate along-with background check reports giving authentic and instant verification. This is a security best practice for the industry and assures identity security, industry acceptance to honest candidates. YUMPLOY is a web-based system hosting a fact sheet of information about existing and prospective employees of the Indian workforce.

Yumploy's founding team:

  • ABHIRADH CHANDINA- Chief Technological Officer



Going through highly uncertain and competitive situation, we have started building SpoofSense from scratch and launched initial version on Product Hunt in 2021. We have verified over 20,000 faces in our Private Beta and achieved state of the art performance on some major face anti spoofing protocol. Our team raised over $185,000 (INR 1.4cr) in seed-funding from, JITO, Dholakia VC and other marquee angels. Our first client was onboarded India’s leading Identity Verification player. We are running pilots with some of India’s leading face biometric and VideoKYC startups. It is our pleasure to inform that we got featured in Forbes tech podcast. We are changing the way computers interpret faces which will affect the lives of 2.5 Billion people by 2025.