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Under the Mahindra University umbrella, the Indira Mahindra School of Education (IMSE) will be commencing academic activities in Fall 2021, with the PhD program. There are no boundaries to earning a high-quality education with the IMSE – encapsulating unified training, an emphasis on pedagogical concepts, developing moral and cultural programs, and professional and career development of emerging independent individuals.

IMSE’s vision is to be a school for preparing the next generation of teachers and school leaders as well as for the study of education where both researchers and practitioners are developed for working in and on educational issues.

The School will be inter-disciplinary in nature drawing on its links with other schools of Mahindra University, especially in the fields of public policy and liberal arts. When we speak education, we mean the study of how people learn, and how they should be taught, in all fields. The field of ethics will be a focus area, taking into view ethical implications for the kinds of decisions different education players across levels and settings undertake.

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Vanita Malewar
Assistant Professor
Anjali Bhatnagar
Assistant Professor
Dr. N.Mythili
Associate Professor