About the Convocation!

First Annual Convocation 2022

The journey at Mahindra University has been an important milestone in the life of every MU student. On the very First Convocation Day, Mahindra University celebrates the achievements of its students by conferring graduate degrees to the passing out B. Tech. students; in the subsequent convocations, Masters and Ph.D students will also be conferred degrees.

The convocation ceremony of Mahindra University includes an academic procession by faculty, staff and awardees followed by a valediction ceremony. On this occasion, MU salutes the efforts of its future nation builders and citizens of the world.

meet our

Chief Guest

Rama Rao

Shri K T Rama Rao

Hon’ble Minister for MA & UD, Industries & Commerce,IT & C, Government of Telangana

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Guest of Honour

Krishna Ella

Dr. Krishna Ella

C&MD, Bharat Biotech International Limited

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at a Glance

Program Agenda

10:25 am

Arrival of Mr. Anand Mahindra

(Chancellor, Mahindra University)

10:30 am

Arrival of the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour at Mahindra University

10:31 am

Sapling Plantation by the Chancellor and the Guests

10:32 -10:44 am

Inauguration of the X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) Central Facility & Lecture Hall Complex

10:45 am

Brief Coffee Break with the dignitaries

10:55 am

Arrival of Dignitaries for Robing

10:56 am

Introduction of Members of Academic Procession to the Chief Guest by Dr.Y Medury, Vice Chancellor

10:58 am

Academic Procession enters the Convocation Venue and proceeds to dais. Members take their respective seats after the Chief Guest/Guest of Honour and other dignitaries are seated.

10:59 am

National Anthem

11:01 am

Lighting of Lamp by the Chief Guest and other Dignitaries

11: 02 am

Saraswati Vandana

11:04 am

Master of Ceremonies requests the Chancellor to present a bouquet to the Chief Guest

11:05 am

MC requests Mr. Vineet Nayyar, Chairman, MEI to present a bouquet to the Guest of Honour

11:07 am

Registrar requests the Chancellor to declare the Convocation 2022 open

11:08 am

Chancellor declares Convocation Open

11:09 am

MC requests the Vice Chancellor to present Annual Report

11:15 am

MC requests Mr. CP Gurnani to deliver his Address

11:20 am

MC requests Mr. Vineet Nayyar, Chairman, MEI to deliver his Address

11:24 am

MC requests the Chancellor to deliver his address

11:29 am

Introduction of the Guest of Honour by Vice Chancellor Address by the Guest of Honour

11:38 am

Introduction of the Chief Guest by Mr. C P Gurnani Convocation Address by the Chief Guest

11:50 am

Presentation of Medals by the Chief Guest
Medal winners called to dais to receive their medals from the Chief Guest

11:55 am

Chancellor announces from his seat –“Let the degree recipients be presented”

11:55 –12:40 pm

Presentation of UG Degree recipients one by one from podium: Civil, EEE, Mechanical and CSE
(Degree presentation by Guest of Honour/Chancellor/Mr. Vineet Nayyar and Mr. CP Gurnani)

12:40 pm

MC announces that all Degree recipients should rise in their seats for taking of oath and requests the Chancellor to administer the Oath

12:45 pm

MC requests the Chancellor to present a memento to the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour

12:47 pm

Vote of Thanks

12:50 pm

Registrar requests the Chancellor to declare the Convocation closed

12:51 pm

National Anthem

12:54 pm

Academic Procession moves out in reverse order
(All present remain standing while the Academic Procession moves out of the Convocation Venue)

13:00 pm


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