Constitution Day

Published On: November 25, 2021

Justice B Chandrakumar, retired judge of Andhra Pradesh High Court, spoke at a webinar organised by the Centre for Constitutional Studies under the aegis of School of Law, Mahindra University of 72nd Constitution Day. Taking part in the ‘Discourse on Constitutional Law on the topic: 72 years of Constitutional Democracy: Merits & Demerits’- said He further said that Constitution is an incredible document depending upon who is handling it. He suggested law students understand the power of law as a weapon to help the people deprived of justice.

Later Prof. (Dr) Inukonda Thirumali spoke about the strength of democracy within the Indian Constitution. He explained how the nation-state emerged from the functioning of the Constitution, which was preceded by the different phases of nationalism during the Independence movement.

Prof Madabhushi Sridhar Acharyulu, Dean, School of Law, in his concluding remarks, said that the privileges of the legislature were being abused for political purposes at the cost of Constitutional values and unfortunately the governments were not caring for the directives of the Constitution under Part IV.