Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology

The doctoral specialization in Information Science and Technology is designed to train scholars to teach and conduct interdisciplinary research that meets industrial, organizational and societal needs. A PhD in Information Science and technology prepares students to excel in both academia and industry.
The Information Science and Technology specialization focuses on human computer interaction and management information systems. Our faculty use a range of research approaches: experimental designs to ethnographic studies. Aspiring students can choose to specialize in one or a combination of the following core areas:

Human Centered Digital Transformations : Computers and digital technologies are increasingly used to support human endeavors. Students in this stream will be exposed to theories and cases on computer-supported collaborative work and learning, human-computer interaction, and sciences and technology studies. Areas of work of faculty research include mobile-learning platforms, remote healthcare platforms, and critical investigation of machine learning and artificial intelligence systems.

Management Information Systems and Organizational Change : Over the years many industries and organization have adopted information systems, such as, Enterprise Resource Planning, Hospital Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems. Students opting for this stream will study various theories and cases on economics of information systems, organizational and behavior change for technology adoption, strategic management and business policies. Empirical contexts that our faculty research in this domain includes health information systems, education technology, and e-government.

The aim of the program is to produce and train tenure-track position faculty members to teach at leading Indian and global universities. Working closely with faculty members, you can reap great benefits by being a part of our active and vibrant research hub to develop a research pipeline and publish your work in top peer-reviewed academic journals. You will also have the exposure and foundational training to lead the IT transformations in multinational corporations.

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