Ph.D. in Business Administration : Marketing

The Ph.D. specialization in Marketing aims to train the students to conduct and publish scholarly research in theoretically grounded empirical analysis of applied marketing problems. The primary focus involves the use of rigorous quantitative methods to study important, managerially relevant marketing questions.

The aim of the program is to produce and train tenure-track position faculty members to teach at leading Indian and global universities. You will have the opportunity to design and conduct impactful research. Working closely with faculty members, you can reap great benefits by being a part of our active and vibrant research hub to develop a research pipeline and publish your work in top peer-reviewed academic journals.

Aspiring students can choose to specialize in one or a combination of these core areas:

Consumer Behavior : Developing and testing theories to understand consumer behavior in a variety of marketing contexts. Students will be exposed to specialized research that draws inspiration from not only consumer behavior literature, but also cognitive and social psychology. Topics that our faculty study in this domain include haptic sense and consumer responses, anthromorphism, and branding.

Marketing Strategy and the Digital world : The world is now digital, and marketing is increasingly relying on myriad digital channels. Students adopting this stream will study consumer behavior in the digital age as well as the digital strategies of firms in this modern era. Specific topics that our faculty focus upon include digital marketing strategy, digital business model innovation, and marketing measurement/analytics.

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