Advanced Communications and Machine Intelligence (MICA)

MICA annual conference series has evolved into a significant multidisciplinary platform that brings together academics, scientists, industry researchers, scholars, and students in the fields of advanced Communications and Machine Intelligence. The conference serves as a platform for professionals, researchers, and industry experts to exchange knowledge, share cutting-edge research findings, and foster collaboration. The conference will promote industry engagement, disseminate research outcomes to wider audiences, and contribute to professional development through tutorials and keynote presentations. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, MICA 2024 will play a pivotal role in building communities, driving innovation, and advancing the collective understanding of machine intelligence and advanced communication technologies.

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In exploring the interdisciplinary realm of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Communication, we welcome papers on topics including but not limited to:

Computational Intelligence Internet of Things (IoT) Communication
Big Data Analytics Satellite Communication Systems
Information Management Optical Communication Networks
Social & Smart Networks Cloud Computing
Information Retrieval Mobile and Wireless Networks
Cognition and AI Cognitive Radio Networks
Knowledge Representation Network Security and Privacy
Data Mining & Warehousing Cryptography
Natural Language Processing Blockchain in Communication Systems
Recommendation Systems Network Protocols and Architectures
Machine Learning Multimedia Communication Systems
Deep Learning Social and Cognitive Networks
Algorithms and Optimization Machine Learning for Communications
Applications of AI Edge Computing and Communication
Computational Neuroscience Internet Protocols and Standards
Data Science Secure and Reliable Communication Systems
Wireless Communication Systems Image & Pattern Recognition


Submission deadline 15th June 2024
Acceptance notification 15th July 2024
Author Registration 15th August 2024
Deadline for final papers 30th August 2024

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Sudip Misra

Bio : Sudip Misra, a distinguished IEEE Fellow and Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, holds a Ph.D. from Carleton University, Canada. With over 500 publications, including 200+ journal papers, he has garnered numerous prestigious awards, such as the IEEE ComSoc Asia Pacific Young Researcher Award. His expertise spans various fields, recognized by his fellowships in esteemed organizations like INAE and NASI. Renowned for his keynote lectures worldwide, he’s also extensively involved in editorial roles for international journals and conference committees. Dr. Misra’s remarkable contributions epitomize excellence in academia and research, shaping global discourse in technology and innovation.


Abdul Sattar

Bio : Abdul Sattar is a thought leader in the space of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. Prof. Sattar successfully established the Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems (IIIS), a cross-disciplinary research centre at Griffith University, and was appointed as its founding director in 2003, and served until end of 2015. Under his direction, IIIS gained international recognition and achieved notable growth in publications, HDR completions, and prestige. As a director, he has driven operational plans to fulfil Griffith University’s strategic objectives while maintaining an active research profile, publishing over 250 papers and supervising 35 PhD students.


Feroze Mohammed

Bio : Feroze Mohammed has extensive work experience in various executive and leadership roles. Feroze is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer at since January 2022. Prior to that, he worked at Hitachi Vantara from January 2011 to December 2021, where he has held multiple positions, including Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, and Senior Vice President.


Prasant Mohapatra

Bio : Prasant Mohapatra currently serves as the Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University of South Florida. Previously, he held positions including Vice Chancellor for Research and Distinguished Professor at the University of California, Davis. At UC Davis, he served as Dean, Vice-Provost of Graduate Studies, Associate Chancellor, Interim Vice-Provost, CIO, and Department Chair of Computer Science, also holding the Tim Bucher Family Endowed Chair Professorship. He joined USF in 2023.


Rama Krishnan Angarai Ganesan

Bio : Rama Krishnan Angarai Ganesan heads the Medical Intelligence and Language Engineering Lab at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He is a Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India) and the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers and a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USA. He received the Manthan Award 2014 and Manthan Award 2015, for his projects ‘Gift of New Abilities’ and ‘Madhura – The Gift of Voice’ respectively. He is also one of the Founder Directors of RaGaVeRa indic Technologies Pvt Ltd, a deep tech startup incubated by IISc and a mentor of the startup, “Bhashini AI Services Pvt. Ltd.”


Anil Goyal

Bio : Anil Goyal is an accomplished data scientist and researcher with a strong track record of leadership and innovation. In his current role as Principal Data Scientist at (Gurgaon), he leads and shapes the data science team’s direction to align with business objectives. His collaboration with cross-functional teams has led to the successful implementation of ML solutions for various problems including 3D virtual tour generation, fraud detection, recommendation engines, and price prediction.

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Submission deadline 15th June 2024
Acceptance notification 15th July 2024
Author Registration 15th August 2024
Deadline for final papers 30th August 2024