Anti-ragging committee

The Anti-Ragging Committee plays a pivotal role in fostering a safe and conducive environment within the University. Comprising faculty, administrative staff, and student representatives, this committee is entrusted with the responsibility of preventing and addressing instances of ragging on campus. The Anti-Ragging Committee serves as a proactive guardian of campus safety, promoting a culture of mutual respect, inclusivity, and zero tolerance for harassment. Through its concerted efforts, it endeavors to create an environment where every individual can pursue their academic aspirations without fear or intimidation.

The composition of the Anti-Ragging Committee constituted by the University vide Notification No 23/MU dated 23rd August 2023 is:

1 Maj Gen Sukesh Rakshith (Chief Student Coordinator) – Chairman
2 Col Rajive Chauhan (Registrar) – Member
3 Prof. Bishnu Pal (Dean – Academics) – Member
4 Prof. Rajinder Singh Chauhan (Dean – Life Sciences) – Member
5 Prof. Visalakshi Talakokula (Asst. Dean – ECSoE) – Member

The anti-ragging squad is:

1 Dr. Sehar Khwaja
2 Dr. Kumudham B
3 Dr. Sherlin Suresh
4 Dr. Sanatan Sukhija
5 Dr. Prakash Arun Nemade
6 Dr. Prashant Kumar Gupta
7 Dr. Gopinath
8 Dr. Tamai Kanti Paul
9 All Hostel Wardens