Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) serves as a dedicated body responsible for addressing complaints pertaining to sexual harassment, discrimination, or any form of misconduct within the university setting. By fostering a culture of respect, equality, and accountability, the ICC contributes to creating safer, more inclusive academic environments conducive to learning and personal growth.

The composition of ICC constituted by the University vide Notification N0 32/MU dated 1st February 2024 is:

Prof. Salome Benhur – Chairman
Prof. Arun Kumar Pujari – Member
Prof. Shivdasini S Amin – Member
Prof. Manjula Rani Mallepalli – Member
Dr. Raghu Kishore – Member
Dr. Manish Gupta – Member
Dr. Shruti Kakkar – Member
Mr. Hemanth Kumar Singh – Member
Ms. Preeti Tiwari – Member
Ms. Kondaveeti Satyavati (NGO Representative) – Member
Ms. Manasa Bondalapati – Non-Member Secretary

The students can reach out to the committee on and a portal to receive anonymous complaints has been setup in the institution’s ERP.