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Transition to General Management Programs

For managers who have achieved significant success as functional experts, stepping up to a general management role can be a difficult and potentially risky transition. General managers need a comprehensive toolkit, in order to make this transition from a specialist to a generalist, a successful one.

General Managers need to understand the decision-making processes in functions other than their own; they should be able to think strategically, evaluate & implement investment decisions, that will contribute to the overall benefit of the Organization, rather than a particular function. They should have the necessary leadership competencies to motivate people, as also drive cultural change & transformation, to enhance the firm’s competitiveness in the future.

The Programs is designed to equip participants with the insights & tools needed, for becoming successful in General Management roles. It will enable both current and potential leaders, to successfully face the challenges of growth & transformation, as Senior Leaders. It gives accomplished Functional Managers, a firm-wide perspective, and the right competencies, knowledge & perspectives needed, to succeed in Strategic Senior Management Roles.

what will you learn?

Key Learning

  • Developing awareness of global macro-economic trends & disruptive forces, and a better understanding of how to manage businesses in the disruptive digital age.

  • Developing an integrated and comprehensive view of business, by discovering key linkages & interdependencies across different key functions, for effective decision-making.

  • Applying key frameworks & tools to develop a customer-centric, multi-channel marketing strategy.

  • Learning to make business/operating decisions, with a focus on financial value creation.

  • Developing a deeper understanding of key drivers for achieving operational excellence, to gain competitive advantage.
  • Sharpening Strategic Insight & Agility: Frameworks & Tools to think & act strategically, while making business decisions, to boost the firm’s competitiveness.
  • Enhancing Leadership Capacity, for driving business strategy execution, and championing transformational change.
Enrolment Programs

Topics Covered

Who Should Attend ?

This Programs is ideal for high-caliber executives who are looking to expand knowledge beyond functional expertise, and also the scope of their influence, to deliver greater organization-wide impact.

Potential Participants could be:

  • Senior Functional or Technical Managers, who are proven in their own functional areas, and about to make the transition to General Management.
  • Recently appointed General Managers.

  • Senior Executives with 10-15 years of work experience whose cross-functional responsibilities are significantly expanding.
  • Executives who are heading or soon will be leading a business or a major project.
  • Senior Executives with profit & loss responsibilities.
Who Should Attend ?