Finance & Operations

Project Appraisal & Financial Modelling

This Programme enables participants to learn and apply the “PRIME” toolkit, for Project Appraisal and Financial Modelling, in line with the international standards. The PRIME toolkit is based on six key Financial Concepts that participants can share with other managers, financial specialists and apply to their own projects at a Global level.

Key Topics Covered in

the Programme

  • Key Financial Metrics, and Techniques for Project Appraisal
  • Modelling of Capital Budgeting, Project Cashflow Planning, and Risk Analysis
  • Modelling the Capital Structure of a Project
  • Defending Projects’ Value Drivers for their impact on the competitiveness of the company
  • Challenging Projects’ Financial Forecasts based on Industry Comparables

Coverage of Topics

Learning Methology

“Learning by Doing”: Participants will work on industry Case Studies and several Project Simulations, to apply the tools & techniques taught by faculty

For Whom

This course is suitable for middle to senior level executives, investors and bankers, who need to work with multiple stakeholder groups, internal and external


Currently, the following certificate Programs are being offered, with more to be launched in the coming months. Our Programs span across multiple disciplines of management, engineering and law.

  • Project Appraisal & Financial Modelling
  • Developing Financial Acumen