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Aditya Mantri Anulekh

I started working at Jocata Financial Advisories and Technology in January 2020. As a fresher in the industry, I get to learn new things every day at Jocata. There is lot of freedom to explore new frameworks and technologies. Even as an intern and a newcomer in the company I was given the privilege to work on a new product that the company is planning to launch very soon. The everyday meetings with my managers help us channelize our work in the right direction and brainstorm ideas. They are extremely supportive and very open to new ideas.

There are also lot of fun activities held in the company. During the first month of our internship, I got to go to a nearby location for a trek and camping. Although, we had lot of other locations planned for the upcoming months, COVID disrupted them. Despite that, we have lot of other virtual games and meet up sessions every Friday.