The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an interdisciplinary centre that serves all the schools of the University. At its core, it mandates fulfilling the mission of the university by balancing education with experience through entrepreneurial projects to solve complex challenges facing society. The centre being a member of the prestigious Babson College Collaborative intends to create pathways to entrepreneurship by providing the skills, and tools and developing an enterprising mindset among the students, alumni and faculty.


The core philosophy of the centre is to cultivate visionary entrepreneurs in all walks of life. To achieve this, the centre designs and runs various initiatives around its four core philosophical pillars: culture, nurture, venture, and mature.


The centre aims at developing a vibrant entrepreneurial culture. To create an enabling eco-system on campus and develop leadership and organizational skills, the centre has instituted and set up a student-led Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell (EIC). The centre also intends to promote entrepreneurship and innovation as career and lifestyle options.


The centre wants to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset and skill set. To develop entrepreneurial capabilities, the centre offers a curriculum that trains students to develop entrepreneurial competencies, generate business ideas, develop a business plan and negotiate investments. The centre has collaborated with Babson College, USA, the world's No.1 school for entrepreneurship to put in place a scientifically designed experiential curriculum in entrepreneurship.


To provide an outlet for innovations and enable the commercialization of technologies and ideas emerging because of faculty-student partnerships is the mandate of this third pillar. The centre facilitates starting, shaping and scaling up new ventures. CEI has set up a state-of-the-art incubation facility known as Mahindra e-hub.


For an idea to translate into a viable business opportunity and for start-ups to mature into sustainable and socially relevant ventures, the centre provides mentoring, networking and funding help to the start-ups.