Three Factors in the Formation of Dharmashastra

Published On: December 10, 2021

Professor Timothy Lubin

(Washington and Lee University, Law faculty)

Gave an insightful lecture on “Three Factors in the Formation of Dharmashastra.”

Professor Timothy Lubin, Professor of religion and adjunct professor of Law, Washington and Lee University, gave an insightful lecture on “Three Factors in the Formation of Dharmashastra” at an online webinar on 10th December 2021, organised by the Faculty of History under the aegis of School of Law, Mahindra University. Right at the outset, he quoted from the Upanishads to define the grand cosmic concept of “Dharma”, which is rather complex. Still, he summarised beautifully—Dharma is the ruling power over the ruling power (Dharmam Kshatrasya Kshatram)— hence it is the sovereignty of the law that prevails. The Dharma is the ruler of both the people and the rulers themselves. Dharma is, in fact, “what is right”. Therefore, nothing is higher than Dharma, and, on this basis, a weaker person can make claims against an influential person just as one might appeal to the king or the source of justice because Dharma is, in fact, “truth”.