Sales and Marketing

B2B Sales Excellence

Customers today, across industries, seek to do business with firms that not only provide great products but also amazing buying experiences. Today’s sales executives have complex sales challenges, and they need new age sales understanding to win customers. They need latest sales best practices, tools and framework to excel in sales. This Programme enables participants to systematically approach ‘B2B Sales’. The module will provide key frameworks and practical tips that help firms, sales leaders and sales executives to win more deals. The module relies on the experiences of the instructor, who has worked with several companies and interacted with 1000’s of Sales executives around the world.



  • Preparing for a Customer Meeting

  • Lead Generation and Prospecting

  • Art of asking right relevant questions

  • Power of Follow up

  • Response time and Marginal improvement

  • Building Long Term Relationship with Customers

  • Multi Party Negotiation

  • Negotiating from Position of Weakness

  • 6 Buyer Personality Types

  • 6 Buying Roles and 4 Buying Modes

  • Handling Objections

  • Closing the Sale and Power Thank You

Key Topics Covered in the Programme

  • Lead Generation without spending money

  • 2 Macro and 5 Micro strategies of Prospecting

  • 4 Golden rules of Follow up

  • Handling objections in a right way

  • Negotiating from the position of weakness

  • 7 different ways to close a sale

For Whom

The B2B Sales Excellence Program is specifically designed for sales professionals who play a crucial role in driving sales in a B2B (business-to-business) environment. This program is beneficial for sales executives & managers, key account managers, and individuals running small businesses that primarily cater to B2B clients and seek to develop effective sales strategies, expand their customer base, and improve overall sales performance. Regardless of their current roles and responsibilities, participants in this programme will gain valuable insights, practical skills, and strategies to excel in B2B sales, foster strong client relationships, and drive business growth.