Campus Infrastructure

Mahindra University has the best infrastructure and provides creative learning spaces that are required to develop well-rounded professionals.

Diverse health and fitness
Health & Fitness

MU has a medical bay, sick bay, doctor’s room, and an ambulance service that runs 24/7. There is also a provision for dental care periodically. In addition, yoga classes are conducted every week, with an instructor to provide individual attention to the needs of students.

Another significant part of the fitness facility is that the gym that is operational during both morning and evening hours. The gym also has a trained gym instructor, who monitors the students and helps them individually to reach their goals in a stipulated time.

The upbeat music playing during the workout provides an additional energy and keeps the mood of training and fitness intact within the gym. The diverse health and fitness facilities ensure that students at MU enjoy good health and fitness through the year.

Eight functional hostels
Hostel & Dining

MU currently has eight functional girls hostel and two boys hostel that offer AC rooms for the students. The hostels have a home-like ambience which make the students feel comfortable. The hostels also include amenities which allow the students to indulge in various extra-curricular activities within the premises. To ensure the safety of the students, biometric attendance is taken every night in the respective hostel blocks.

MU has three mess halls that is operational and provides sumptuous and delicious food to students and staff alike. Our hospitality partner is dedicated to cleanliness in the mess halls, and follows a protocol which ensures high standards of hygiene in the preparation of meals. The mess serves a variety of cuisines in accordance with a meal plan that is both nutritional and gastronomically wholesome with a different menu for every day of the week.

Food is served four times a day - breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. The spacious and comfortable hostel premises along with excellent food and co-curricular activities help in the holistic growth of an individual by providing them space and sustenance along with stimulating their creativity. It comes as no surprise that many consider it the best hostel and mess facility.

Connected classrooms
Smart Classrooms

MU's classrooms deploy technology that is state-of-the-art to impart a multi-media learning experience to the students. Smart-boards, audio-visuals, PPTs, Interactive modules and also the traditional chalk-on-board methodology are used to maximum effect.

Connected classrooms bridge gaps to enable on-demand access to all necessary information from within the classroom.

The Intranet with its own resources and archives, extends the classroom into a virtual space that is accessible on campus using authentication protocol.

Relieve the stress
Sports & Leisure

MU is ahead when it comes to recreational facilities on campus. Football, Basketball, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Shuttle Badminton, Indoor Games and other Sports facilities are in full swing for all the students and staff to utilize. All the courts are in the vicinity of the campus, making it convenient for students to play after completing the day’s classes. The game equipment and the fields and the courts are maintained regularly and are free to use any time of the day. It is indeed very refreshing to play the sport of your choice to relieve the stress of the same academic routine for a bit and train your body to be fit and healthy.

For the music enthusiasts MU has its own Music club and practice room with Western and Indian classical instruments. The deep thrumming of instruments are heard during the time of fests or music competitions as the college band practices routinely to sharpen their skills. Students who sing or play instruments for leisure are welcome to the room as well.

For the more artsy and aesthetic oriented crowd, MU has the Design Thinking Lab, where all sorts of arts and crafts projects are undertaken along with the decoration of the college for the numerous events that are scattered throughout the year. The Art-felt Club usually undertakes the functioning of the DTL which proves to be the perfect place to let one’s imagination run wild and simply create!

  • Basket Ball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • Volley Ball
  • Billiards
  • Gymnasium