The B.B.A., LL. B (Honours) is an undergraduate dual degree integrated program having focus on interdisciplinary approach of Management Studies and Law. The student is trained to become a professionally skilled lawyer empowered with the knowledge of corporate functions and managerial skills.


The B.B.A., LL. B (Honours) is an undergraduate dual degree integrated program having focus on interdisciplinary approach of Management Studies and Law. The student is trained to become a professionally skilled lawyer empowered with the knowledge of corporate functions and managerial skills.

The student of this integrated course will learn the subjects of Management, Economics and core Law subjects. This is a dual degree program in which the first degree has fourteen papers from the Management studies and twenty-six core law papers, four clinical papers, eight specialized honours papers and a minimum of five internships. The Management subjects which the student will undergo during this program are from the General Management area, Accounts and Finance, Marketing, Human resources and Strategic management and law papers includes Substantive and Procedural law papers, Constitutional Law, Corporate Laws and International Laws and various other laws. The student will be imparted with the contemporary legal knowledge to enhance the learning throughout this law program through value-add/audit/seminar courses. This law program has an inter and multidisciplinary approach with a unique blend of legal application in the managerial activities of a Corporation. The student will understand the relevance of Law in the successful management of any business and can interpret plethora of laws which govern and regulate the corporate behaviour; impact of laws on economy and the economic policies and legal English. The student has to undergo minimum four weeks of internship every academic year and twenty weeks in five-year course duration. These internships are evaluated by a panel of experts to understand the learning outcome of the intern during the internship period.

The opportunities:

This Law program will open a plethora of career opportunities for students to explore and conquer not restricted in the following areas but beyond:

  • Judicial Officers
  • Corporate Advisors
  • Legal departments of PSUs and Defense Services
  • Inhouse legal counsels
  • Litigation
  • Law Firms
  • Policy Research centres
  • Law Commission
  • Competition Commission
  • Indian Legal Services
  • NGOs
  • Social Activist
  • Academics
  • IPR Advisors/Practitioners
  • Air and Space Law practitioners
  • Fashion Law
  • Various Ministries
  • Further studies abroad

Five (5) Year Law Program Structure


Semester 1 Subjects Semester 2 Subjects
1 Legal Methods 1 Law of Contracts – I
2 Law of Tort including MV Accident and Consumer Protection Laws. 2 English - II
3 English - I   3 Financial Management
4 Theory and Practice of Management 4 Economics - II
5 Economics - I 5 Legal and Constitutional History
6 Business Accounting 6 Clinic 1 – Moot Court
  Internship   Internship
Semester 3   Semester 4  
1 Law of Contracts – II 1 Constitutional Law – II
2 Law of Crimes – I 2 Family Law – I
3 Constitutional Law – I 3 Jurisprudence
4 AI and Business 4 Law, Poverty and Development
5 Strategic Management 5 Human Resource Management
6 Marketing Management 6 International Business Management
  Internship   Internship
 Semester 5    Semester 6  
1 Family Law – II 1 Law of Evidence
2 Property Law 2 Administrative Law
3 Company Law – I 3 Company Law-II
4 Civil Procedure Code & Law of Limitation 4 Clinic II – ADR
5 Criminal Procedure Code 5 Optional – I
6 Interpretation of Statutes 6 Optional – II
   Internship   Internship
Semester 7   Semester 8  
1 Labour & Industrial Law – I 1 Labour & Industrial Law – II
2 Public International Law 2 Principles of Taxation
3 Intellectual Property Law 3 Clinic III – Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance
4 Competition Law 4 Cyber laws
5 Optional – III 5 Optional – V
6 Optional – IV 6 Optional – VI
  Internship   Internship
Semester 9     Semester 10
1 Environmental Law 1 Honours Paper – IV
2 Clinic IV - Professional Ethics 2 Honours Paper – V
3 Honours Paper – I 3 Honours Paper – VI
4 Honours Paper – II 4 Honours Paper – VII
5 Honours Paper – III 5 Honours Paper – VIII
  Internship   Internship
  Total Papers Offered 58  
  Internships 10  
  • First Degree Papers: 14 (B.B.A. subjects)
  • Core Law Papers: 26
  • Clinical Papers: 4
  • Optional Papers: 6
  • Honours Papers:8
  • Internships: 10 (internship is at the end of every semester; evaluation would be at the end of every academic year; non-taught 2 credits)

List of Optional and Honours Papers (subject to change/contemporary papers will be offered). Papers will be announced during that particular semester in which it is being offered depending on the subscription by the students

Optional Papers (4 papers will be offered under each optional and students have to select One paper)

Optional I: Constitutional law
Optional II: Business Law
Optional III: International Law
Optional IV: International Trade Law
Optional V: Crimes and Criminology Law
Optional VI: Intellectual property Law

Honours Papers

(8 papers from the following list of subjects; subjects are tentative)

Constitutional Law Group Business Law Group
Legal Philosophy including theory of Justice Law and Economics
Indian Federalism Banking Law
Affirmative Action and Discriminative Justice Investment Law
Comparative Constitution Financial Market Regulation
Human Right Law and Practice Foreign Trade
Gender Justice and Feminist Jurisprudence Law of Carriage
Fiscal Responsibility & Management Transportation Law
Local Self Government including Panchayat Administration Insurance Law
Right to Information Bankruptcy & Insolvency
Civil Society & Public grievance Corporate Governance
Government Accounts & Audit Merger & Acquisition
Law on Education Competition Law
Media & Law Information Technology Law
Health Law Direct Taxation
Citizenship & Emigration Law Indirect Taxation
Interpretation of Statutes and Principle of Legislation Equity and Trust
Legislative drafting Law on Project Finance
  Law on Corporate Finance
  Law on Infrastructure Development
  Special Contract
International Trade Law Crime & Criminology
International Trade Economics Criminal Psychology
General Agreement on Tariff & Trade Forensic Science
Double Taxation International Criminal Law
Dumping and Countervailing Duty Prison Administration
Trade in Services & Emigration Law Penology &Victimology
Cross Border Investment Offences Against Child & Juvenile Offence
Agriculture Women & Criminal Law
Dispute Resolution IT Offences
International Monetary Fund Probation and Parole
Trade in Intellectual Property Criminal Sociology
International Banking & Finance Comparative Criminal Procedure
  Financial and Systemic Fraud
  White Color Crime
International Law Law & Agriculture
International Organization Land Laws including Tenure & Tenancy system
International Human Rights Law on Agriculture Infrastructure: seed, water, fertilizer, pesticide etc.
Private International Law Law on Agricultural Finance
International Environmental Law Law on Agricultural Labour
IMF & World Bank Agricultural Marketing
Regional Agreement & Regionalization Farming & Cultivation
Uncitral Model Codes Farmer and Breeders’ Right
International Labour Organization &Labour Laws Cooperative and Corporatization of Agriculture
International Dispute Resolution Bodies Dispute Resolution and Legal aid.
Maritime Law Agricultural Insurance
Law of the Sea and International River Law on SMEs on agricultural processing and rural industry
Humanitarian and Refugee Law  
International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court  
Intellectual Property Law  
Patent Right creation and Registration IPR in Pharma Industry
Patent Drafting and Specification Writing IPR in SMEs
IPR Management IPR Transactions
Copyright Life Patent
Trade Mark and Design Farmers and Breeders right
Trade Secret and Technology transfer Bio Diversity protection
Other Forms of IPR creation and registration Information Technology
IPR Monetization IPR Litigation

Important Dates to remember*

(*Subject to revision)

Last Date to Apply for 1st round of Admissions Feb 18th , 2022
Mahindra University – Law Entrance Test (MULET 2022) Feb 25th , 2022
Last Date for receipt of Applications for Admission July 9th , 2022

*Dates and Schedules are subject to change