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MEC, an Engineering college with the best of infrastructure, provides creative learning spaces that are required to develop well-rounded engineers.

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  • physics
    Department of Physics

    Physicists at MU nurture the curiosity of students in numerous fields of physical and applied sciences, supported well with state of the art facilities. The department consists of faculty members:…

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  • department
    Department of Mathematics

    The Department of Mathematics aspires to evolve into a centre of excellence in Applicable Mathematics and Scientific Computing. The department strives to publish its research work in high impact peer…

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  • chemis
    Department of Chemistry

    Department of Chemistry at MU teaches two chemistry courses to first year undergraduate B. Tech students. These courses introduce basic concepts of chemistry and some engineering applications. The…

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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Since its inception, mechanical engineering has been a formidable discipline. It is an irrefutable fact that some of the most significant scientific contrivances of the modern world are results of…

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  • department
    Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    Automation and AI have permeated the various disciplines of Engineering, necessitating the growth of inter disciplinary skills in order to succeed in the industry. This is where Electrical and…

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  • Department of Computer Science& Engineering
    Department of Computer Science& Engineering

    Computer science professionals are at the forefront of scientific and technological advancements. All disciplines of science and engineering now rely heavily on the power of computing and on skilled…

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  • Department of Civil Engineering
    Department of Civil Engineering

    Infrastructure is the backbone of every country’s economy and becomes the very foundation for prosperity. With the advent of emerging technologies and automation, the conventional methods of…

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