School of Law

School of Law

“Jnaanaarthe Pravesha, Sevaarthe Prasthana” is an Upanishad sermon that means enter an institution with the sole purpose of securing knowledge and exit only to serve the society. The School of Law, Mahindra University, commenced in September 2021, is a new temple of law learning in Hyderabad, founded on the philosophy of securing justice, equality and service to all sections of society. With the ever-changing needs of society, the importance of the discipline of law is developing and gaining focus and influencing the thought process of society for its healthy growth. The school of law provides both the pupil and people a platform where they gain the ability to understand the purpose of law and participate in evolving, just and civilized society. The rule of law, referred to as Raja Dharma in ancient texts, if understood and practiced properly, one can build pillars of peace, harmony and prosperity for a strong nation.

Mahindra University is a pioneer in its innovative educational systems, transforming teaching and learning to develop trained law professionals engaged in positive progress. School of Law aiming to make a difference to the legal profession and practice by providing a diverse and flexible curriculum and pedagogy, touching on several aspects of domestic and international law appraising the students of the latest trends in academia and practice. To make learning a pleasant process, the School of law supports the students with a well-equipped library with an excellent collection of titles, online, offline databases and other required resources.

Bishnu P Pal


Professor & Dean
School of Law, Mahindra University,

Prof. (Dr.) V. Balakista Reddy is a renowned academician and expert in the field of International Law, with a focus on International Air and Space Law. He has had a distinguished career and has made significant contributions to the legal and academic spheres.

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Mahindra University’s School of Law was founded in 2021 on the thought of justice, equality and service to all sections of society. With the changing needs in society, Law has become an important department that requires more focus and thought. The curriculum offers five years of integrated undergraduate programs like Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law BA.- LL.B (Hons) and Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Law BBA. -LL.B (Hons) and LLB (Hons)* to cater to varied needs of the profession with distinguished faculty.

Professor & Dean

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