Digital Transformation

New digital technologies and data analytics are rapidly changing lives, work, and businesses. Continuously evolving new and emerging technologies offer a multitude of options and opportunities to companies to rethink, transform, and innovate the manner in which they engage with both current and future customers.
For today’s business leaders, technology is critical to their ability to keep a business competitive and drive growth. They must be able to harness technology to build organizations that are agile, resilient, and sustainable. Digital Transformation provides the opportunity for the leaders of the future to fundamentally change the way work is done so that organizations can grow and remain competitive over time.
This Certificate Programme provides a comprehensive framework & tools for understanding and implementing digital transformation in the company. It brings together proven tools & techniques that can be applied across business units: Operations, Finance, Marketing, Product/Service Development, Manufacturing and Sales – to make the company’s transformation complete, sustainable, and effective.
Participants will discover what it takes to transform their organization to reap the full benefits of digital tools and data; and prepare to address some of today’s most pressing challenges. Using the insights on disruption possibilities, gained during the programme, participants can work on their business strategy, and develop an implementation strategy for Digital – clarity on WHO/What /HOW & the potential ROI.

Key Programme 


  • Understanding the Competitive Landscape, identifying key trends that create opportunities as well as pose threats; Redefine & articulate the new Strategy
  • Get inspiration from different industries in digital transformation
  • Identifying key areas of focus, strategic choices & business opportunities
  • Develop business models for each identified business opportunity
  • Create value propositions, innovation approaches, revenue models and digital partnership ecosystem
  • Create an implementation plan, to implement the new business strategy for the digital world
For Whom

Business leaders and mid to senior executives who aspire to drive digital transformation agenda or are in the midst of implementing a major transformation in the company. It would be beneficial to bring teams from multiple functions / business lines in the firm, so they can learn the tools to build a strong digital culture across the entire organization, efficiently integrate technology & processes, and design better end-to-end customer experiences

Key Modules Covered in 

the Programme

  • Introduction to Digital Transformation
  • Business Models and Opportunities in The Digital/Phygital World
  • Key elements of Digital Transformation
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Understanding Digital Technologies
  • Digital Supply Chains
  • Implementing Digital Transformation
  • Creating Digital Business Case (Learning Application)


Currently, the following certificate Programs are being offered, with more to be launched in the coming months. Our Programs span across multiple disciplines of management, engineering and law.

  • Digital Transformation