Humanities &
Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at MU houses courses beyond what the title indicates. With fifteen faculty who are specialized in teaching disciplines such as Literature, English Studies, Communication Skills, Philosophy, French Language, Economics, Management, IPR and Law, we are privileged to offer Entrepreneurship, Media & Creative Sciences and Design Thinking courses which are also mandatory. The department offers over ten elective courses -on an average per semester- for students across the four engineering degree programs. The interdisciplinary outlook in the pedagogy of the courses enables a sync with the technical components of every discipline, creating an aura of holistic approach which nurtures the students for a long-term perspective. The laboratories for Languages, Creative Media, Design Thinking, along with the availability of faculty on campus, off-class schedule for practice and supportive literature in the library, are crucial elements in keeping up with the demands of the courses. The curriculum is designed in such a way that each and every semester mandates the learning of at least one humanities course.

Allied academic activities:

A conscious effort in setting up the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell and the Incubation Center is to produce young entrepreneurs from MU. Our membership with Babson Collaborative for Entrepreneurship Education is proof of the same. Another regular feature of the department is to conduct workshops and training programs for Management, Media & Creative Sciences and Design Thinking disciplines. Most of the students are encouraged to participate in community activities as part of their project work for some humanities courses. Art, Drama, Culture and other literary events continue to gear up the spirit of enthusiastic wards through different clubs that operate in the form of competitions and showcasing of talents during special occasions. Every effort is to see that the student turns out to be a rounded personality ready to face the challenges as a professional.

Research & Recognition

The school comprises of two professors, two associate professors, four assistant professors, academic associates and teaching assistants and many more visiting faculty. The faculty are encouraged to continue their research interests and are supported by the institute for the same. Our faculty have exhibited their research passion in nearly ten national and international conferences and another ten instances where they have been recognized as invitees: as board members or to facilitate or chair sessions in national and international academic/research activities.

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