Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Strategy decisions taken by Senior Executives have long-term implications for the firm’s future growth & profitability. In this program, participants will learn advanced frameworks & concepts, for making strategic & organizational choices at the Business Unit Level. They would develop a working knowledge of the approaches that Senior Leaders use to resolve organizational issues, in formulating & implementing effective strategies. Participants will be equipped with the tools, skills & frameworks to allocate resources, measure performance, manage risk, and execute strategy. Participants will understand the common challenges that prevent or derail strategy implementation, and learn how to design systems & structures to meet their organization’s strategic objectives, even under uncertainty.

Who should attend

The program is intended for Senior Leaders heading different functions or business units. Potential participants could be those who are responsible for planning and executing competitive strategies.


Live online Sessions are run through Zoom. Three pedagogical approaches are deployed: Academic interaction & discussion, Group Work, Case Studies and Simulations. There would be live break-outs as required. Participants are given assignments before each session. Submissions / responses to the assignments are further discussed in class, and used in case-debriefing. These are short, punchy and designed to build on the session’s learning.
To ensure constant engagement for participants, there would be seamless content sharing, questions, and interactions between delegates & faculty during the sessions. To ensure the application of frameworks & concepts learned throughout the session, a Simulation Exercise in groups is also included.


Modules Covered

  • Corporate Vision, Performance and Strategy
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Managing Scale & Complexity
  • Building Organizational Alignment & Culture
  • Strategy in Action: Strategy Implementation under Uncertainty (Simulation)

Key Learnings

  • Analyzing strategic trade-offs across multiple strategic options.
  • Applying frameworks, tools, goal-setting and tracking exercises to Strategic Initiatives.
  • Evaluating and enhancing management of the core tensions in Strategy Execution: how to balance growth, profitability & control.
  • Identifying and managing risks that could derail a successful strategy execution.
  • Developing strategic agility, to deal with uncertainties and complexities encountered during strategy execution.


Currently, the following certificate Programs are being offered, with more to be launched in the coming months. Our Programs span across multiple disciplines of management, engineering and law.

  • Strategy Formulation and Implementation
  • Getting Future Ready for Managing End-to-End Supply Chains
  • Negotiation & Problem-Solving Strategies
  • Strategies for Growth and Business Model Innovation
  • Developing Business Acumen through Integrated Business Simulation
  • AI-Powered Decision Maker
  • Developing a Strategic Mindset -Creating and sustaining Competitive Advantage
  • Global Strategy
  • Developing Strategic Agility
  • Succeeding in the Disruptive and Digital Future Business World
  • Growth Through Business Model Innovation
  • HR Strategies for the Future Digital World