Global Strategy

Even as several firms seek to take advantage of the opportunities in the global market, they are also faced with increasing competition in their domestic market (often by Global players), and the need to meet multiple challenges posed by Globalization. This custom-designed programme is designed to help participants, understand & respond to these challenges, and effectively leverage their strengths & opportunities.

The programme contents draw from experiences in countries that are now well integrated in global marketplace, as well as experiences of companies, that have successfully addressed some of the Globalization challenges. The programme is designed to enable participants to systematically explore the local & global opportunities, and their implications for forging a growth strategy for the business. Along with global opportunities, come strategic challenges that need to be effectively addressed and managed.

The programme will cover key issues dealing with: understanding industry dynamics; strategic positioning; the value creation, value delivery, and value capture aspects of business strategies; value orientation versus price orientation in strategy; strategic change from cost leadership to differentiation; globalization of strategy and emerging markets; linkages between strategy and growth; linking strategy execution and organization; and decision making for strategy execution.

Key Topics Covered in

the Programme

  • A Framework for Understanding Strategy: What, Why and How
  • Strategy, Ecosystem and Capabilities
  • Industry Transformation & Globalization
  • World as a Market: Going Global, Cross-Border M&As, Alliances, JVs
  • Leading the Transformation into a Global player: Leveraging Capabilities, Creating & Managing a Global Organization; De-risking Strategies
  • Driving Strategic Change
Enrolment Programs

Module Wise Descriptions

For Whom

Senior Executives who are playing large roles which are regional in scope, or are leading key Businesses / Functions (CXOs) currently, and responsible for driving the future growth of the organization, through leveraging global opportunities.


Currently, the following certificate Programs are being offered, with more to be launched in the coming months. Our Programs span across multiple disciplines of management, engineering and law.

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