Developing Business Acumen through Integrated Business Simulation

Growing number of companies today are looking for managers who have an integrated perspective of business in addition to their functional expertise. Managers with such a perspective understand the corporate objectives and align their functional strategies with organizational goals. Successful managers have a broader understanding of the inter-relationship between various functions and how their actions would contribute, complement and affect the other functions within the organization and to overall organizational goals.

Learning Methodology

Rounds of decision-making). This is an immersive experience where participant teams will be competing head-to-head with other companies in a virtual marketplace. During multiple decision rounds of the Simulation, participants evaluate the market opportunity, choose a business strategy, evaluate the tactical options, and make a series of decisions with profitability in mind. Each team’s decisions are combined with the decisions of the competing teams and run through a marketplace simulator. The results are fed back to the players for the next round of decision-making.

The learning strategy is to gradually build the business and thus, gradually introduce new issues, which must be mastered by the participants. Each quarter or decision period has a dominant activity and a set of decisions, which are linked to it. These dominant activities take participants through the business life cycle from start-up, to development, to growth, and ultimately to near maturity. As they work through the business life cycle, new decisions and managerial content is phased in, as it becomes relevant to the current decisions. 

Each quarter’s activities not only result in new material being introduced but also built on the prior content, so there is considerable reinforcement. Business activities such as cash flow planning, value creation in product design, production scheduling, profitability analysis, and strategic planning and management require repetitive exercise to set them into the natural thinking process of participants. 

The Simulation Exercise gives the participants an integrated perspective of the entire business operation.

Simulation Details

The Simulation was developed by Dr. Ernest Cadotte of Innovative Learning Solutions, Tennessee, USA. The simulation has been around for more than 25 years in 55 countries with over a million people having benefited from it.

Who should attend

The Program is ideal for members of middle management, senior management, SBU heads and CEOs.


Currently, the following certificate Programs are being offered, with more to be launched in the coming months. Our Programs span across multiple disciplines of management, engineering and law.

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