Getting Future Ready for Managing End-to-End Supply Chains

This unique End-to-End Supply Chain Management Program offers participants a comprehensive understanding & practical insight into managing & optimizing supply chains (via a simulated experience of a real supply chain – The Fresh Connection). The Program will help participants reinforce core Supply Chain concepts and apply these learnings in their real-life job contexts.
The program covers important subjects such as Supply Chain Strategy, Aligning Supply Chain KPIs across functional areas, Supply Chain Risk and Resilience, Supply Chain Digitalization & Innovation, and Supply Chain Sustainability. It will be delivered in a highly engaging and interactive format that will help participants appreciate the importance of working collaboratively across different functions to understand trade-offs, achieve functional alignment, and execute better on the company strategy goals. 

Participants get to experience a glimpse of reality, through a simulation of a company going through tough times, that requires them to strategize and turn the company around by aligning and optimizing its supply chain. The experiential learning methodology which we follow for this program will help participants retain learnings, contextualize, and apply these learnings better in managing supply chains across a wide array of industries.

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for mid to senior level supply chain professionals, operations managers, logistics managers, procurement specialists, and individuals aspiring to pursue careers in supply chain management. It caters to professionals working in diverse industries, including manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, logistics, automotive, industrial manufacturing, chemicals, and consulting.

Program Methodology

The program has been designed around the simulation game – The Fresh Connection (the world’s leading Supply Chain Simulation game, developed by Inchainge, Netherlands). The simulation game will be between theory, case studies, discussions, role plays, and other sessions. Learning results from combining the concepts taught, experiencing different situations in the game, peers, instructors, and highly interesting game-related debriefs.

 Pre-reads will be shared with the participants a week before the start of the program.

 The program will be delivered by supply chain veterans and will have a good mix of theory and practice laced with examples from real life experiences as well as experiential learning components, to better drive retention and learning outcomes.

Key Takeaways

  • Appreciate Supply Chain Digitization best practices
  • Appreciate the “Sustainability” challenge in today’s supply chains and how Supply Chain managers can contribute to the company’s sustainability ambitions
  • Awareness of ‘tips and traps’ of how supply chains can drive business outcomes
  • The importance of collaboration, consensus building, cooperative decision making – in managing a supply (value) chain
  • Understand the structure and complexity of today’s global supply chains
  • Learn how to develop an effective Supply Chain Strategy – aligning with company strategy, managing trade-offs and align functions
  • Learn how to manage supply chain risks and build resilient supply chains
  • Learn the key principles of Supply Chain Integration

By completing the End-to-End Supply Chain Program, participants will acquire a deep understanding of end-to-end supply chain management principles, gain practical skills to optimize supply chain operations, and equip themselves for better drive efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness for the supply chains of the future.


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