Strategies for Growth and Business Model Innovation

The “Strategies for Growth and Business Model Innovation” Program provides a strategic roadmap for entrepreneurs and managers navigating the complex terrain of business expansion. The Program begins by acknowledging the pivotal decision entrepreneurs/ leadership face: whether to foster growth in fiercely competitive, stagnant markets or seize the burgeoning opportunities in high-growth markets. Recognizing the divergent challenges inherent in each scenario, participants will embark on a comprehensive exploration of four distinct growth contexts, understanding the unique managerial challenges posed by each.

The initial sessions introduce the foundational growth framework to participants, laying the groundwork for subsequent in-depth analyses. The Program then delves into the role of innovation as a catalyst for growth in mature markets, emphasizing adaptability in competitive landscapes. Building on this, participants explore the transformative potential of business model innovations, as key drivers for unlocking growth.

A critical component of the Program is the exploration of strategies to fully exploit growth opportunities within a market. Through a strategic lens, participants will understand the decisions and actions necessary to capitalize on available growth potential. The concluding half-day session encapsulates the learnings through real-world examples, examining companies navigating diverse growth scenarios.

Who Should Attend?

This Program is designed for Entrepreneurs and Senior Managers seeking a strategic approach to business growth, providing actionable insights for both challenging market conditions and emerging opportunities.

Key Topics Covered

Learning Methodology

This Program adopts a dynamic learning approach, immersing participants in a carefully structured curriculum. Participants will delve into a strategic exploration of growth contexts and the associated managerial challenges. The Program commences with an overarching understanding of the growth framework, followed by a deep dive into the nuances of innovations as mechanisms for generating growth in both mature and expanding markets.
Workshops and exercises are interspersed throughout the learning path, offering a hands-on application of concepts learned.

Culminating in a reflective session, this Program consolidates fundamental frameworks and concepts covered throughout its duration. Participants emerge with a comprehensive understanding of growth strategies, applicable to both slow-growth and high-growth markets, further reinforced by real-world examples. This methodology ensures that participants not only grasp theoretical frameworks but also cultivate practical skills and insights tailored to their unique business landscapes.


Currently, the following certificate Programs are being offered, with more to be launched in the coming months. Our Programs span across multiple disciplines of management, engineering and law.

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