School of Design

Innovation can change the world in ways that are unimaginable. Yet there are some who can visualize such a change and develop product and services that are readily adopted by the people and transform the way they live and dream. Soon such innovations become the backbone of the society, industry, and the economy.

Mahindra University’s School of Design aims to foster and groom such young minds to drive the future. The emphasis is on design and innovation of products and services to be backed up by quality laboratories and studios.


The School of Design will be mentored by the best design brains in India. Its labs and studios will be well equipped for conceptualization, evaluative testing, and prototyping. The CAD Studios already exist running a variety of software suitable both for product design and UX/UI.

The following laboratories will be set up:

Human Behavioral Studies Lab – which would use eye tracking, galvanic skin response, analyses of facial expression, EEG, and ergonomic studies;

Prototyping Studios – for fabricating soft materials as well as making working models. Styling studio suitable for automotive design;

The learning environment is interactive and collaborative. Additionally, there will be field visits and cross-cultural art, and design boot camps.

Further, seven concerns [7-Cs] on design thinking for innovation as elucidated by IIT Bombay will be followed to achieve meaningful design and user-centric innovations, namely:

  • The Cause

  • The Context

  • The Comprehension

  • The Check

  • The Conception
  • The Craft; and
  • The Connection

In Fall 2024, Mahindra University is launching the Design School with the Bachelor Program in Design to start with. Soon after we will launch design programs at the Masters and Doctoral levels.

Welcome to the School of Design of Mahindra University where creativity manifests, blossoms and bear fruits.