Advanced Leadership Programme

Embark on a transformative journey at Mahindra University with our Advanced Learning Programme (ALP), a visionary collaboration between Mahindra University and Queen Hedvig Academy. Recognizing the pressing challenges faced by Senior Business Leaders in the dynamic business landscape, ALP is meticulously designed to empower leaders, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to steer organizations through unprecedented volatility and rapid industry shifts.

  • Collaborative Empowerment: The Advanced Learning Programme (ALP) by Mahindra University and Queen Hedvig Academy is a collaborative endeavor, a guiding light in the dynamic landscape of transformation and uncertainty.
  • Holistic Learning Journey: ALP offers a comprehensive learning odyssey, seamlessly blending intensive education, real-world challenges, and personalized leadership development. This immersive experience empowers individuals with the acumen to lead, inspire teams, and drive transformative growth.
  • Key Focus Areas:
  1. Communication, Reputation, and Crisis Management: Master the art of effective communication, safeguarding organizational reputation, and navigating crises with resilience.
  2. Negotiation and People Management: Hone negotiation skills and foster collaborative, high-performance workplaces.
  • Pioneering Change: ALP transforms participants into change leaders, providing strategies to navigate disruptions, ensuring organizational adaptability, and fostering success.
  • Global Perspective: The programme brings together business leaders from Central Europe and from India, facilitating a rich exchange of global leadership perspectives and insights into diverse business cultures.
  • Expert Guidance: Engage with world-class faculty and thought leaders from India and Central Europe, gaining mentorship to navigate the complexities of the global business landscape.
  • Networking Opportunities: Forge lasting connections with high-performing leaders, sharing best practices, and expanding professional networks.
Who Should Attend the Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP)?

The Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP) is a transformative journey designed for visionary leaders aspiring not just for growth, but for a significant global impact. This immersive programme breaks the mold of conventional learning, fostering dynamic business relationships that transcend borders.

Who Benefits from this Transformative Global Experience

  • Global CEOs, Owners, and Senior Managers: Driving India’s vibrant emerging economy with a keen eye on global markets.

  • CXOs with a Global Vision: Positioned to catapult their organizations to unprecedented success on the international stage.

  • Esteemed Senior Leaders with Global Impact: Entrusted with spearheading crucial growth initiatives that have a global reach.

  • Accomplished Global Leaders: Leaders with versatile expertise, hungry for advancement on a global scale.

  • Visionary Founders or Partners with a Global Expansion Vision: Charting the course for global expansion and making a lasting impact.

  • Strategic Senior Leaders overseeing Global Expansion Strategies: Playing a pivotal role in shaping and executing global expansion strategies.

Joining our programme isn’t just an educational endeavor; it’s an entrance to a world of possibilities on the global stage

What participants gain

  • Global Collaboration: Network with influential minds, fostering cross-border relationships and unlocking opportunities for enduring global partnerships.

  • Innovative Ideation: Fuel innovation by exchanging dynamic business ideas, creating an environment ripe for cultivating new strategies.

  • Strategic Expansion: Explore lucrative growth prospects, discover avenues for expansion, and forge valuable partnerships within India and beyond.

Learning Methodology

The Advanced Learning Programme (ALP) employs a diverse learning methodology, allowing participants to harness the advantages of peer learning, experiential learning, and faculty-led discussions. Engaging in discussions and collaborations with diverse peers—each with unique backgrounds, skills, and experiences—enhances the learning journey and broadens perspectives. Application of concepts and theories to real-world scenarios occurs through case studies, role-plays, and simulations, providing hands-on experience in decision-making.

Under the guidance of seasoned faculty members, participants delve into complex concepts and theories, receiving expert support and insights. In-depth case studies facilitate the analysis of real-world challenges and decisions, fostering the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills among participants.


Currently, the following certificate Programs are being offered, with more to be launched in the coming months. Our Programs span across multiple disciplines of management, engineering and law.

  • Advanced Leadership Programme
  • Purpose Driven Leadership
  • Leading & Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Enhancing Personal & Professional Excellence
  • Negotiation Strategies for Collaboration and Conflict Management
  • Purpose and Profits
  • Leading Change and Transformation
  • Executive Leadership Presence
  • Leading a Happy and Productive Workplace
  • Leader as a Coach
  • Leading Teams for Hi Performance
  • Leading in a Complex World
  • Strategic Negotiation
  • Manager as a Coach
  • Agile Leadership
  • Leading with Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Leadership Capabilities for Top Management
  • Mastering Negotiation and Influence