Building & Leading a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is no longer an option for organizations to stay relevant in the future. In the pre-pandemic era, the growing need to stay relevant was forcing companies to innovate and transform themselves. Many enterprises attempted to copy the DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google by merely implementing exponential technologies in the name of transformation, without putting people first. Progress was slow and they struggled to improve profitability from these efforts. They failed to realize that to be more innovative, we must be more human. According to research published by HBR magazine in January 2020, just before the pandemic hit us, “culture” was identified as a critical factor than can catalyze or undermine business success. Since culture is easy to sense but hard to measure and change, we continue modernizing our past and fail to let go of our old ways of doing business. With the increasingly uncertain business environment in the post-pandemic world, humancentric transformation and innovation becomes even more relevant. In addition to enabling business with technology, leaders not only need to drive innovation while being more empathetic, resilient, and agile, but now also have the added responsibility of building purpose-driven organizations with well-being, sustainability, diversity, and inclusion ingrained into their DNA. This highly experiential, ‘hands-on, lean-in’ workshop will help participants gain a first-hand understanding of the processes, mindsets and behaviors necessary to build and foster a culture of innovation and accelerate change by engaging in dynamic, collaborative activities.

For Whom

Mid-Senior level management across industries.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and apply proven, new age leadership strategies to foster a culture of innovation and develop necessary mindsets and behaviors to break silos, build trust and psychological safety for effective cocreation
  • Drive innovation with a shared purpose enabled by empathy, vulnerability, futures thinking, disruptive creativity, and agile collaboration within and across teams in the hybrid workplace.
  • Utilize proven frameworks and methodologies to build lean startup mindset while applying design thinking coupled with systems thinking for holistic innovation outcomes
  • Apply learnings from innovative organizations such as 3M, Pixar, Zappos, Microsoft, Dr. Reddy’s, Apple, P&G, Google, Pepsi, among others for building highly successful innovation teams and spaces
  • Understand how to address organizational challenges and the role of leaders in overcoming these barriers to driving human-centric innovation
  • Play seriously with experiential toolkits, such as LEGO, playdough, chocolates, spaghetti, and other playful material to rediscover their inner child, think unbiasedly and arrive at meaningful outcomes


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