Business Storytelling for Leaders

Storytelling is the #1 reason you, as part of the human species have survived till now. It is the #1 reason that will drive competitive advantage for you and your company in the next decade. In an increasingly complex world, it is the primary skill necessary for your company’s growth and for
your individual growth.

But how do you tell a good story? Is there a formula? How to start and how to end? You may be doing great work with numbers but when you speak about it, it may be falling flat. Is there a way to cut through the noise that exists today and make your message heard with your stakeholders? This program addresses how you can gain mastery in Business Storytelling.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding the principles of storytelling through the world of neuroscience, evolution and the world of movies
  • Understand how to apply the storytelling toolkits across a variety of business situations like change management, conflict management, data storytelling, negotiation, written communication, personal branding, etc.

Who is the right audience for this programme?

This programme is aimed at middle to senior managers with 8 – 25 years of work experience. This programme is for leaders across functions and across industries. This programme is right for you if you are a,

  • C-Suite Executive (CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, CHROs)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing Head or a Brand Manager

  • Strategy Director or leading a large transformation program

  • Sales Director or leading a major region
  • Human Resource Director
  • Analytics and Transformation Director
  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing Director or leading a large manufacturing setup

Key Topics covered in the Programme

  • Storytelling principles from the world of neuroscience, evolution and the world of movies
  • Storytelling through data
  • Storytelling for written communication
  • Storytelling for change management
  • Storytelling for conflict management
  • Storytelling to build a personal brand


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