Executive Leadership Presence

‘The world is willing to obey; are you prepared to command?
— Nietzsche

The Leadership Presence programme is a highly interactive two-day workshop designed to help Executive unlock the secrets of effective leadership presence. By delving into the different dimensions of leadership presence, participants will gain a deep understanding of their personal brand and reputation management, develop strategic alliances, and improve their organizational savvy. The program focuses on uncovering ways to enhance strategic thinking, improve executive image through personal grooming choices, and master the nuances of social acumen.
The programme recognizes that leadership presence goes beyond surface-level charisma and charm. It encompasses a holistic approach rooted in authenticity and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Participants will learn to exude confidence, commitment, competence, and assertiveness while remaining empathetic and guided by enlightened self-interest. They will cultivate a sense of ownership and responsibility for the issues they face. The program employs a range of technologies and pedagogies to integrate both intra and inter personal aspects, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

The programme emphasizes the importance of demonstrating grace under pressure and maintaining a solution-oriented mindset while also exhibiting firm assertiveness when necessary. By the end of this 2 day workshop, participants will possess the skills and abilities to effectively engage and influence key stakeholders in a consistent and authentic manner. They will enhance their attractiveness and dynamism as leaders, enabling them to navigate challenging situations with confidence and demonstrate superior leadership even in trying times


  • To Understand the dimensions of Executive Presence that create impact
  • To create a personal brand that inspires trust and confidence in others
  • To master the verbal techniques that create a persuasive and compelling message for others
  • To operate from emotional and social intelligence
  • To speak with confidence and poise with people from all the levels ‘grace under fire’
  • To build capabilities that comprise political and social astuteness
For Whom

The Executive Leadership Presence programme is specifically designed for Executives and senior leaders who want to refine their leadership style, enhance their communication skills, and strengthen their overall presence within their organization. This includes CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, Vice Presidents, and other senior-level executives. Furthermore, Emerging Leaders and High-Potential employees who are transitioning into leadership roles or aspiring to move up the corporate ladder can gain valuable insights and skills through this programme.

Learning Methodology

This workshop extensively uses multi-media, case-lets, role-plays, situation-discussion and frameworks to drive learning. The participants will go away with specific tools and techniques that enhance their authenticity, build professional brand, and create credibility and trust.


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