Enhancing Personal & Professional Excellence

Striving towards Personal and professional excellence is a fascinating journey. The complex play of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and group dynamics in today’s world, provides both opportunities and challenges to one an all. It can either catapult you to the trajectory of immense growth and success or can hold you back in shackles of conflicts, emotions, negative thoughts and self-defeating lack of confidence.

This Programme will focus on self-improvement at physical, mental & emotional levels, and improvement of interpersonal skills as an integral part of the managerial process. It provides a context to approach the subject of personal & professional excellence, systematically and critically, based on your own experiences and needs. This will allow you to establish a framework, that will help you increase your learning, every time you are involved in self-improvement. It will lay the foundation for the continuous journey, that is necessary to excel in this critical competence.

Programme Learning

  • Increasing the level of self-awareness and personal SWOC analysis
  • Understanding unique tools for personal and professional excellence
  • Ideating and exchanging views with other peers, for collective learning
  • Developing individual strategies & action plans, for personal & professional growth, based on experiences & learning
For Whom

This course is suitable for middle to senior level executives, who habitually need to work with multiple stakeholder groups, internal and external, to achieve their organizations’ objectives.

Key Topics Covered

in the Programme

  • Self-awareness and SWOC analysis
  • Understanding the thinking and behavioral preferences
  • Effective communication strategies; Emotional intelligence and Effective soft skills
  • Understanding & leveraging, motivation & motivators, in self and others
  • Creativity and innovation for success
  • Art of conflict management and moderation
  • Effective goal setting and execution
  • Growth mindset and the Art of Execution


The workshop will use the 5D approach, blending Discourses, Discussions, Dialogue, Dramatization and Drills, for effective knowledge transfer & application. Audio video presentations, simulations, self assessments & ratings, group discussions, games, exercises, reflections etc will provide a vibrant experiential learning ambience to the participants,


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