Mahindra University

The leadership at Mahindra University consists of distinguished and eminent personalities who have immense experience in their fields. The leadership reflects its deep Indo- French and Indo- American roots.

Academics Deans
Eminent leaders from both Industry and Academia

  • sridhar

    'Prof. Madabhushi Sridhar is an acclaimed academician and a seasoned professional with opulent academic experience. Before joining us, Sridhar worked as Professor & Registrar NALSAR, University of Law- Hyderabad and also as Professor & Dean School of law at Bennett university. He wrote and published 50 books on Law and Journalism in both Telugu and English,100 plus research articles and thousands of news-paper articles. '

    Sridhar Acharyulu

    Professor & Dean

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  • ramakrishna

    'S. Ramakrishna (Rama) Velamuri is a Professor and Dean of the School of Management, Mahindra University. '

    Ramakrishna Velamuri

    Dean & Professor of Entrepreneurship

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  • Prof. Bishnu Pal

    'Bishnu Pal is Professor Physics and Dean of School of Engineering and Academics at Mahindra University. He had served the then Mahindra École Centrale (MEC) right from its beginning in July 2014 till June 2017... '

    Prof. Bishnu Pal

    Professor, Dean School of Engineering and Academics, Department of Physics

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Academic Heads of Departments
Eminent leaders from both Industry and Academia

  • arya

    'Dr. Arya Kumar Bhattacharya is the Dean of Research and Professor in the School of Engineering Sciences. He has with him more than twenty years of industrial experience.... '

    Arya Kumar Bhattacharya

    Head- Department Of Computer Science & Engineering

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  • bhaskar

    'Dr. Bhaskar Tamma is a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Mahindra École Centrale College of Engineering. '

    Bhaskar Tamma

    Head- Department of Mechanical Engineering

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  • venkataraman

    'Dr. N. V. Venkataraman is an Associate Professor with MEC in the Inorganic and Physical Chemistry department. His research primarily focuses on micro and nano-scale physicochemical modification of surfaces... '

    Venkataraman N. V.

    Head - Department of Chemistry

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  • solme

    'Dr. Benhur Salome is a Professor with MEC in the English department. She has a vast experience in teaching, mentoring, conducting workshops and has presented papers in National and International seminars. Dr. Salome has worked with the EFL University as Ad-hoc Lecturer and with St. Francis College for Women as Lecturer. '

    Dr. Benhur Salome

    Head - Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

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Vice Chancellor
Eminent leaders from both Industry and Academia

  • yuj


    Dr. Yaj Medury

    Vice Chancellor, Mahindra University

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