Our Faculty Members

Mahindra University's faculty are world-renowned for expanding the boundaries of knowledge while educating the generation of thinkers and doers. They are all highly qualified faculty, all of whom are doctorates from reputed premier institutions and universities from around the globe. Further, the student to teacher ratio of 12:1 makes sure that each student is provided with individual, undivided attention. Excellent teaching is not just honored but respected to the highest levels. The faculty are established leaders in their fields, paving the way for students who will be the future leaders of the country. In addition, they are laying the foundations for solutions to complex global issues impacting our health, environment, technology and culture. They are committed to detailed research and engagement activities of various communities. Further, they work with industry-driven partners and find solutions to their discoveries. Their research and thoughts often find their way in various esteemed publications, journals and newspapers. Their research is usually on real-world problems and issues from all areas, touching a chord with the students and readers. Their vision is to guide and mentor in a way that they rule the future as the leaders and game-changers of tomorrow.


The faculty of Mahindra University consists of Ph.D scholars and International academicians from all over the globe. MU faculty looks for new opportunities for mutual benefit of the students and faculties.