Manifesting excellent managerial skills and a fatter salary tag? It’s just a degree away.

Published On: June 27, 2022

Mckinsey & Company report says that skill-building became more prevalent than ever amid these economic pitfalls, with as many as 69 per cent of corporate firms investing in it.

The report said, “The urgency of addressing skill gaps is clear— and, across industries, more important than ever to do. Most respondents say that skill-building (more than hiring, contracting, or redeploying employees) is the best way to close those gaps and that they have doubled down on their efforts to reskill or upskill employees since the pandemic began.”

But why was this so important? Because it “will make the overall business, and its individual employees, future-ready”. This is what the report said.

That is where professional courses like Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs took by storm. The two-year intensive course offers a robust professional network, polishes critical knowledge and skills, and increases career progression. These are the three significant reasons why working professionals pursue this course. The other important reason is that it opens multiple avenues for mid-senior level professionals in many sectors, such as social media and digital marketing, biotech, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and even manufacturing. So yes, the Executive MBA scope is larger than life.

Want to boost your business skills? Use this trump card.

  • Shine like a diamond at your workplace by strengthening your managerial and strategic skills
  • Study and work from any part of the world by opting for flexible classes: weekend morning lectures or weekday evening lectures.
  • According to The Economist, Executive MBA graduates usually receive an increased remuneration of 51 per cent.
  • Inculcate the ability to go beyond your present networks and industries. So, yes, the course will help you brush your communication skills
  • If you want to explore the modern world of entrepreneurship, this course is a great option.
  • And please remember: the better the skills, the fatter is your paycheque.

Here’s your gateway to a global academic experience

Mahindra University offers one of the best Executive MBA programs that has been designed for enriched professionals and businesspersons in collaboration with the renowned Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany. The course has been tailored to make professionals understand the nuances of business, economics and finance while ingraining them with modern-tech skills to be ready to function in today’s newly-evolved digitized sphere.

  • The course has been created in partnership with the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. It is one of the leading B-Schools in Germany.
  • Professionals pursuing the Executive MBA course will also be a part of a two-week international immersion in Europe. So, yes, you will travel the world through this program.

Fix all your professional repertoires with one degree

The demand for a specific skill is valid in today’s hyper-competitive world. But, you need to know that a skill shortage does not guarantee a good job. So, start with understanding what skills are required to make your career prosperous. Doing so could widen the scope of getting your dream job or even a decent one, to start with. An Executive MBA degree at Mahindra University, one of India’s top private universities, will help you fix most of these gaps all at once.

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