Open Your Doors to High-Paying Career Options After M.Tech. in Robotics

Published On: July 3, 2023
Open Your Doors to High-Paying Career Options After M Tech in Robotics

Open Your Doors to High-Paying Career Options After M.Tech. in Robotics

With the revolution in technology and automation, robotics has become a significant part of various industries today. As a result, pursuing an M.Tech. in Robotics can open up a world of exciting career opportunities for students interested in the area. The career options after M.Tech. in Robotics lie in a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, defence, and more.

Additionally, the graduates of M.Tech. Robotics also have the opportunities to work in academia, as a researcher or a professor, or in entrepreneurship, as a startup founder or tech consultant. This article will explore some of the popular career options after M.Tech. in Robotics and reasons to pursue the programme. So, if you are considering an M.Tech. in Robotics, read on to know more!

What Are the Reasons to Study M.Tech. in Robotics?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the field of Robotics, pursuing an M.Tech. in Robotics can equip you with the knowledge and technical skills essential to succeed. From high demand to leading-edge technology and innovation, there are various reasons to study M.Tech. in Robotics. Here are some of the significant reasons to study M.Tech. in Robotics.

  • High in Demand
  • Provide Enormous Career Opportunities
  • Exposure to Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Opportunity to contribute to innovative technological advancements.
  • Help you Develop Problem-Solving skills.

What Are the Higher Studies Options After M.Tech. in Robotics?

Many M.Tech. graduates in Robotics opt for further studies to advance their careers and expertise. Pursuing a higher degree after an M.Tech. in the area can assist you in developing specialized skills and knowledge in areas including management, research, or interdisciplinary areas. Here are some popular options for higher studies after M.Tech. in Robotics.

  • PhD in Robotics
  • MBA
  • Master’s in Artificial Intelligence
  • Master’s in Mechatronics
  • Certificate Programs

What Are the High-paying Jobs After M.Tech. in Robotics?

There is a tremendous surge in demand for robotics engineers leading to numerous high-paying salaries for M.Tech. in Robotics graduates. Moreover, there are some promising high-paying jobs after M.Tech. in Robotics in India:

  1. Robotics Engineer
  2. Robotics Software Engineer
  3. Robotics Research Scientist
  4. Mechatronics Engineer
  5. Automation Engineer
  6. Control Systems Engineer

Moreover, the average salary of M.Tech. in Robotics graduates ranges from INR 5 LPA to INR 8 LPA.

Explore the World of Robotics Engineering with an M.Tech in Robotics at Mahindra University

The interdisciplinary M.Tech in Robotics programme is offered by the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at The Ecole Centrale School of Engineering, Mahindra University, in alliance with the Electronics & Computer Science departments. The two-year M. Tech. programme in Robotics equips students with cutting-edge engineering-related knowledge through courses in electronics,  computer programming, kinematics, mathematics,  dynamics and specialized electives. The course students will also acquire additional knowledge in the advanced areas of health care, intelligent machines, and automation.

The M.Tech in Robotics programme at MU has a minimum of 60 credits divided into four semesters. Out of this, two-thirds of the credits are for the course work, and the remaining credits are for the Master’s thesis with an emphasis on conducting original research. The programme provides flexibility for prospective students to specialize in the area of their interest.

Which is Better: M.Tech. in Robotics or Data Science?

It depends on the individual’s interests and career aims. Both areas offer numerous career opportunities and have their own advantages. Moreover, M.Tech. in Robotics is an ideal course for individuals interested in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, while data science is more suitable for students interested in machine learning and data analysis.

To Wrap Up

With the escalating demand for robotics engineers, pursuing an M.Tech. in Robotics has become a gateway to exciting career opportunities in numerous areas. From designing robots to building software and algorithms, there are enormous high-paying job opportunities to choose from.

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