Pave Your Path to Financial Brilliance with an Enormous Scope of BA Economics and Finance

Published On: June 28, 2023
Pave Your Path to Financial Brilliance with an Enormous Scope of BA Economics and Finance

Pave Your Path to Financial Brilliance with an Enormous Scope of BA Economics and Finance

The Bachelor of Economics and Finance is a three-year UG programme that equips students in various economic and non-economic domains, including business analysis, microeconomics, macroeconomics, accounting, taxation etc. Students pursuing the two most dominating domains in the business sector become so efficient that they become eligible to work in any economic as well as economic sector. There are many positive reasons for studying B.A. Economics and Finance for a well-developed future. Let’s know about them!

Reasons for Studying BA Economics and Finance

Economics and Finance are two major domains under which students get trained in the various economics fundamentals and financial management. They equip them with the knowledge of how institutions, businesses or even individuals spend their capital and even their decision-making process behind spending that capital.

The scope of B.A. Economics and Finance is so wide and versatile that after pursuing this programme,  students become so skilled and knowledgeable that they can qualify for any job role which goes in tandem with the business economy, analysing, accounting, finance and many more.

Besides the above-given reasons, some other major reasons for studying BA Economics and Finance are:

  1. Wide range of career opportunities
  2. Acquisition of a variety of skills
  3. Multiple international perspectives
  4. Transferable multipurpose skills
  5. Diverse job prospects
  6. High salaries

Scope of BA Economics and Finance

Due to the course’s multidisciplinary approach, the scope of B.A. Economics and Finance is rising. The BA Economics Finance graduates fetch more and more quick jobs in various sectors like Banka, commercial sectors, trading markets and government sectors. An average starting salary of a BA Economics Finance graduate is 7-10 LPA. This data rises with the increasing experience of a candidate.

Career Options After BA Economics and Finance

Since Economics and Finance graduates are considered one of the most educated persons in the economy, there are wide ranges of career options available for students having a BA Economics & Finance degree. Some of the top career options after BA Economics and Finance are:

  • Economist
  • Financial Consultant
  • Market Analyst
  • Business Economics Journalist
  • Financial Risk Analyst
  • Finance and Budget Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Economic Researcher

Courses After BA Economics and Finance

The scope of B.A. Economics and Finance is wide in terms of job options and opting for higher studies. One can pursue the following courses after BA Economics and Finance:

  • MA Economics
  • MBA
  • MSc.Economics
  • PGDM
  • M.Com

Difference Between Economics and Economics and Finance Degree

Although Economics alone and Economics and Finance are kind of alike degrees, there are many differences between Economics and Economics and Finance.

Economics deals with studying goods and services and how they are created, distributed, or sold. It includes the domain of microeconomics, macroeconomics, Econometrics, and Economics statistics, while the Economics and Finance degree covers international business, economics to agriculture, banking, insurance, applied finance economics etc.

Besides pursuing a creditable programme, pursuing that programme from a recognised University particularly famous for offering the best curriculum of the programme is equally important and suitable for a bright future. One such University is Mahindra University.

Navigate the Financial Landscape with BA in Economics and Finance Course at Mahindra University

Mahindra University’s School of Management (MU-SoM) offers a world-class BA in Economics and Finance. It prepares the best Economics and Finance graduates with industry-ready curricula, highly experienced faculty, a strong research focus, a high-quality pedagogy matching international standards, and an industry-relevant syllabus. As a result, the students get the best placements and even are prepared for higher studies.

The following are the key highlights of the programme:

  • Detailed business foundations (in marketing, finance, operations, OBHR, accounting, strategy etc.)
  • A strong focus on corporate finance, the Indian economy, financial accounting, econometrics, the banking sector, game theory, data analytics,  visualisation, e-commerce, digital marketing and stock markets are given in BA in Economics and Finance.
  • International immersion in Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, for three weeks.
  • E-Cornell courses

The programme aims at developing an in-depth knowledge of economics and finance domains, firm analytical skills and a technology skills portfolio.

Ignite Your Career with B.A. Economics and Finance

BA Economics Finance is the most sought-after degree in the world as these professionals affect everyone’s lives because they relate to producing and consuming goods and services. This degree also helps people make the best decision when facing scarcity. The population of India makes a lot of usable things scarce, making this programme the most demanding market.

The scope of BA Economics and Finance is wide because of its universally acceptable curriculum. Mahindra University is renowned for providing the best curriculum of B.A. Economics and Finance as well as the best placements after the completion of the course. Therefore enrol yourself in the most valuable programme and be the most in-demand graduate across the country.

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