BA in Economics and Finance: A Lucrative Career Option

Published On: February 16, 2022

Economics and Finance complement each other to provide you with a complete picture of the business world. BA in Economics and Finance is an undergraduate degree program that prepares aspirants for a career in various industries. The degree program trains aspirants on the fundamentals of financial management and economics.

BA in economics and finance course incorporates business analysis, statistics, accounting, microeconomics and macroeconomics. Students are also offered courses focused on international business, the economics of finance, and economics to industries like agriculture and natural resources. Moreover, some of the subjects included in the course to impart a well-rounded education are psychology, chemistry, history, and world literature.

BA in economics opens up numerous career opportunities and equips aspirants with a rigid foundation to develop or rebuild a promising career. The coursework in finance assists individuals in preparing for their financial futures. Graduates inclined towards accounting jobs tend to work for leading private firms, banks, and governmental organisations globally. Those who prefer a career as an economist have an opportunity to work in renowned financial companies.

Moreover, the course fee is another essential factor to consider while choosing a college or university for an undergraduate degree. The BA Economics and Finance fees in India vary from institution to institution depending upon certain factors, including performance, placements, faculty, etc., of the college. Therefore, before finalising the institute for the BA Economics course, aspirants are advised to contact each institution’s admissions department for the BA Economics and Finance fees.

Why should you pursue a BA in Economics and Finance?

After the recent global economic crisis, economics has become more significant and relevant than ever. Decisions on money, interest rates, banking, taxation and government spending affects everyone globally. As a result, the BA Economics course helps aspirants understand various economics concepts, including consumers, producers, and the government – how they shape up a nation together.

Moreover, the Finance aspect of this undergraduate degree equips the aspirants with the skills required for a career in financial services like banking, investment management, pension fund management, insurance, and a range of business organisations. In addition, the programme is also of considerable importance in assisting the aspirants to make personal financial decisions.

What are the benefits of a BA in Economics and Finance?

First, of course, economics and Finance are exciting and extensive areas. However, a career in economics and Finance is probably for the aspirants who get excited while working stocks, financial markets, bonds, and other investment vehicles. So now, let’s explore some of the benefits of choosing a BA in Economics and Finance degree to clearly understand why this course can offer you a promising career path.

In-demand skills

An economics and finance programme guides individuals to possess skills that will serve them in their future career paths. The course will help you acquire insight into data analysis, investment strategy, capital allocation, and risk management. Besides technical skills, a BA in economics will also enable you to acquire soft skills like collaboration, communication, adaptability, etc.

Career growth

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the estimated job growth for Finance is higher than average. Thus, there is immense potential for career advancement in the field. In addition, the degree also offers a wide variety of jobs in the top firms, including financial planning consultancies, Wall Street, the SEC, etc.

Job opportunities

A professional with a degree in economics and Finance can implement their knowledge in numerous industries. In addition, the aspirant will require a unique set of skills and interests for any finance or economics role in the organisation. The programme opens up exceptional job opportunities for the aspirants in the area of Economics and Finance in business or government, including Business economists, Statisticians, Financial Planner, Investment Advisor, Program Analysts, Economics Research Analysts, Financial Risk managers, Treasury Analyst, etc. Moreover, a BA in Economics and Finance is a great way to earn yourself a rewarding job and build a lucrative career. By obtaining the degree, you can enter the economics and finance world and grow steadily within the industry.

In addition, the BA Economics and Finance course in Mahindra University’s School of Management (MU-SOM) incorporates an industry-ready curriculum, rigid research focus, high-quality faculty pool, and a strong internationally benchmarked pedagogy. MU is sponsored by Mahindra Educational Institutions (MEI), a subsidiary of Tech Mahindra, whose objective is ‘To educate future citizens for and of a better world’.

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