Start an Enlightened Legal Journey with Law Courses List

Published On: March 22, 2024
Start an Enlightened Legal Journey with Law Courses List

Embarking on a legal career introduces individuals to rights, duties, and heightened awareness. As Jim Rohn stated, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” Choosing law as a career instils social responsibility and earns significant respect. Hence, Pursuing a career in law is one of the wisest decisions one can make.

Studying law is a popular choice for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. These programmes give a thorough understanding of the legal system and practices available at different academic levels. Covering topics like criminal law, civil law, and more, they teach students to analyse legal issues, interpret laws, and apply them in real situations. Major undergraduate law courses list includes a BA.LLB, B.B.A. LL.B and  3-Years LL.B. (Hons.), offered by prestigious institutions globally. Let us examine each of these one by one.


BA LLB is the first programme that stands as the most in demand programme on the law courses list. It is a comprehensive five-year programme combining a Bachelor of Arts with legal studies. It caters to those completing Senior Secondary education and provides an interdisciplinary approach covering subjects like Sociology and History alongside legal studies. Graduates can pursue various careers, including roles as lecturers, legal associates, corporate lawyers, and more.


BBA LLB is a five-year integrated programme that harmonises business education with legal studies. As graduates are expected today to gain business knowledge besides legal knowledge, this programme is widely pursued and a popular one on the law courses list. Open to students from any background, it covers subjects such as economics, accounting, and corporate matters. Admission requires clearing entrance exams like CLAT and LSAT. Graduates can explore diverse careers, from legal advisors to professionals in corporate law.

3-Years LL.B. (Hons.)

The 3 year LLB Hons programme offers a specialised three-year undergraduate law degree with a focus on criminal law and justice. It provides a unique perspective on the criminal justice system and allows for specialisations in areas like corporate or international law. Eligibility involves completing 10 + 2 and graduation, with potential roles including legal advisors, advocates, and more.

Law Courses Scope

Law courses offer a broad and dynamic scope, providing diverse opportunities for individuals pursuing careers in the legal field. Here are key aspects that showcase the scope of law courses:

  • Legal Practice
    Graduates can embark on a traditional legal career, working as lawyers, advocates, or legal advisors, representing clients in various legal matters.
  • Corporate Law
    Specialised areas like corporate law open doors to careers in business organisations, handling legal aspects of mergers, acquisitions, contracts, and compliance.
  • Public Interest Law
    Law graduates can work in public interest law, advocating for social justice,  human rights, and representing marginalised communities.
  • Government Services
    Many government departments require legal expertise, offering opportunities to work in areas such as public policy, legislation drafting, and regulatory compliance.
  • Corporate Compliance
    With the increasing emphasis on legal compliance, there is a growing demand for professionals to ensure companies adhere to laws and regulations.
  • Legal Consulting
    Law graduates can establish themselves as legal consultants, providing expert advice to businesses, individuals, or government entities.
  • Entrepreneurship
    Law graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit can establish their legal practices or consultancy firms, catering to various legal needs.

And more!

The scope of law courses is continually evolving, adapting to societal changes and emerging legal challenges. Graduates can choose diverse career paths based on their interests and specialisation areas within the broad field of law.

Unlock Your Legal Journey at Mahindra University

Mahindra University is an esteemed university that stands as an innovator in its educational approaches, revolutionising teaching and learning to nurture skilled law professionals committed to positive advancement. The School of Law, dedicated to influencing the legal profession, adopts a varied and adaptable curriculum, delving into numerous facets of domestic and international law while keeping students informed about the latest trends in academia and practice. To enhance the learning experience, the School of Law provides students with a well-equipped library housing an impressive collection of titles, online and offline databases, and other essential resources.

In response to evolving educational needs, Mahindra University consistently updates its curriculum to align with the dynamic demands, ensuring its students are well-prepared for the future workplace. The law programmes offered by Mahindra University are:


 The B.B.A., LL.B (Honours) programme emphasises sociological aspects of law, shaping students for roles in litigation, judiciary, academia, corporate consultation, and public service commissions. It integrates 14 social science and 26 core law papers, providing a comprehensive dual degree with specialised honours and practical internships.


B.A., LL.B (Honours) integrates social sciences and law, moulding students into versatile lawyers for litigation, judiciary, academia, and corporate consultation, with a strong public service foundation. The programme combines 14 social science and 26 core law papers, offering a dual degree with specialised honours and practical internships..

3-Years LL.B. (Hons.) 

The University’s 3-Year LL.B. (Hons.) programme welcomes graduates from diverse disciplines. Focused on experiential learning, it offers an interdisciplinary approach, exploring law’s socio-political, economic, and technological dimensions.

Building a Successful Legal Career

Choosing a career in law is a wise decision, offering a profound understanding of rights, duties, and societal dynamics. The vast scope of law courses extends to legal practice, corporate law, public interest advocacy, government services, corporate compliance, legal consulting, entrepreneurship, and beyond. Explore the diverse opportunities in law and tailor your legal education for a fulfilling career. Enroll in our prestigious law programmes.


What are the benefits of LLB after the 12th?

Individuals can pursue a career as a lawyer, legal advisor, legal consultant, legal analyst, etc. Additionally, this serves as a robust foundation for advancing into specialised fields such as corporate law, human rights, social advising, and social rights.

Can I do 3 year LLB after 12? 

No, as a 3 year LLB can be pursued after graduation.

Does the law have a future scope?

A graduate with a law degree possesses a wide array of career pathways to explore, ranging from becoming a lawyer, legal advisor, or consultant to venturing into specialised fields like corporate law, human rights, social advising, and social rights advocacy.

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