Acquire the Futuristic Mathematical & Computing Technologies with a Computational Mathematics Course

Published On: March 3, 2023
what is computational mathematics

Bringing an amalgamation of the two most sought-after areas, Mathematics and Computing deal with the study of computer science and mathematics along with several other multidisciplinary subjects like financial engineering, mathematical finance, and numerical Computing, amongst others. For those interested in mathematics and computing technologies, this discipline offers promising career opportunities with high-salaried packages and a chance to reinvent and innovate traditional computing technologies! If you plan to study an undergraduate course in this field, B.Tech in Computation & Mathematics is a perfect choice!

However, many of you might have several questions like What is Computational Mathematics? Is Computational Mathematics hard? What is the scope of Computational Mathematics? and what is better computational mathematics v/s applied mathematics? This blog brings you the answers to all your questions related to the Computational Mathematics discipline. Read the article to explore more about the course!

What Is Computational Mathematics?

Computational mathematics includes areas of mathematical work that emphasize the application of math to computing technologies. Because so much of the programming and hardware world depends on mathematical operations, there are infinite ways to apply computational mathematics to computer science.

Moreover, offered as a four-year undergraduate degree programme, B.Tech in Computation & Mathematics encompass the study of applied mathematics in terms of Computing, database systems, statistics, and computer science, amongst others. It equips learners with the knowledge of statistical analysis of large-scale data, data structures and algorithms, system analysis, computer programming, engineering mechanics, and financial engineering, to name a few. It is a highly multidisciplinary undergraduate course that equips students with a theoretical & practical understanding of mathematical finance, numerical computing, and analysis.

Is Computational Mathematics Hard?

It depends on your interest in the discipline. If the mathematical calculations and computational technologies excite you and you want to achieve something big out of your passion, then the computational mathematics course won’t be hard for you. In fact, you will enjoy the course.

Computational Mathematics vs Applied Mathematics

If you compare Computational Mathematics v/s Applied Mathematics, the former will give you an advantage. So, let’s explore why studying B.Tech in Computation & Mathematics is beneficial.

There are several reasons why you should study B.Tech in Computation & Mathematics. Some major reasons are listed below:

  • After completing the Computational Mathematics course, you will be able to find work as a Software Engineer, Technical Support, or Testing Engineer in a range of IT firms.
  • If you are interested in acquiring all aspects of computer technology, you should definitely consider taking a Computational Mathematics course.
  • You will acquire skills such as software development, website development, programming languages, etc.
  • You can work in a wide range of industries, including software firms, MNCs, and the banking sector.
  • B.Tech Computation & Mathematics graduates are offered attractive salary packages, with an average annual salary of INR 3-20 LPA.

Scope of Computational Mathematics

After graduating from the Computational Mathematics course, individuals will have immense scope in India and abroad. It is one of the emerging areas, and there are numerous job opportunities in varied fields, including finance, software, pharmaceutical, telecom, consulting engineering, and even in the public sector. Moreover, after the B.Tech in Computation & Mathematics course, the average package offered to the professionals will range between Rs. 10 LPA to Rs. 18 LPA depending upon the knowledge and skills.

Graduate with a Strong Foundation in Math Coupled with the Computing Skills from Mahindra University

The École Centrale School of Engineering at Mahindra University (MU) offers a world-class B.Tech in Computation & Mathematics programme to prepare engineering professionals with a rigid foundation in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Scientific Computation. Acknowledging the dearth of professionals equipped with cutting-edge mathematical techniques in Data Science, Optimization, Data Analytics, Deep Learning, AI, and ML, MU’s B.Tech in Computation & Mathematics programme aims to fill this gap.

Further, apart from acquiring advanced skills, individuals will be exposed to basic sciences & engineering concepts, design thinking, economy, enterprise, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, graduates of the B.Tech in Computation & Mathematics programme from MU will be competent in solving real-life problems faced by industries that need a mathematical approach to solutions blended with elegant computing techniques.

They will be well prepared to pursue multidisciplinary research careers encompassing data analysis, scientific computation, and mathematical modelling. The graduates of Mahindra University will exhibit an entrepreneurial mindset and interpersonal skills with technical knowledge for effective communication, innovation, and implementation of the latest ideas.

Moreover, B.Tech Computation & Mathematics graduates can explore an array of career opportunities across various sectors. From Computer Science to Data Science & Information Technology, there is an ever-escalating demand for professionals with knowledge of computing technologies & database administration. Thus, Computational Mathematics has enormous career opportunities because the demand for data administration and computing technologies will never fall behind and is ever-increasing!

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