Getting Back to Campus in The Post-COVID 19 World, 5 Hacks You Should Remember

Published On: February 16, 2022

With the universities reopening across the nation post the reduced prevalence of COVID 19, students should get used to a new way of life.

Whilst there is a scare of new variants coming up in future, it is essential to follow certain safe practices to ensure the safety of oneself as well as others. In this new learning environment, a few hacks listed below should be helpful.

Social Distancing Norms: It is essential to follow social distancing rules and regulations once on campus. Much as you would like to be in the usual manner, near your friends and may involuntarily not adhere to social distance norms, it is unsafe to both yourself and your friends. Even in classrooms, you might be seated at a distance from your friends.

Getting Yourself Vaccinated: Vaccination is essential for keeping yourself and others away from the virus. Therefore, it is vital to get both doses of the vaccinations. In addition, in case of any symptoms of cough, cold, fever etc., it is crucial to isolate yourself and consult a doctor immediately.

Staying Away from Fake News – There are all kinds of rumours and news doing rounds online across different media, which may be disturbing and cause confusion to the students. It is best to avoid such fake news that causes mental disturbance. Always check for facts through reliable, verified and official channels and sources before reading or forwarding them. Fake news is a menace causing mental disturbance and negativity such as anxiety. For example, fake news about the pandemic can cause unnecessary tension and stress amongst students.

Initiating Positive Conversations – At the campus, it is always advised to engage with friends and teachers, positive discussions about various topics of life and career, which would add to the experience of campus education that add to the learning. In addition, these conversations are an effective way to pick up new learning experiences positively.

Introduce Open Source Tools and MOOCs – With digital learning tools receiving a boost due to Covid-19, it would not harm introducing digital learning tools for the classroom and maintaining this as a standard practice. Learning tools such as Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) are free online courses available for all to enrol. They provide affordable and flexible ways to learn new skills and therefore should be introduced in college and regular classes for the overall development of the student.

The above points are some of the suggestions to keep in mind once college reopens as the pandemic is reducing. Having these points in mind will reduce the spread of the disease and build positivity in the student’s minds.

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