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Published On: February 29, 2024
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Biotechnology stands at the forefront of contemporary academic and professional landscapes, having evolved into a dynamic and highly sought-after field. It can be said that the Biotechnology courses After 12th  burgeoning popularity can be attributed to the multifaceted applications and profound impact it impart across diverse industries.

In the current landscape of scientific and technological advancements, the surge in demand for Biotechnology courses is remarkable. This demand is propelled by the growing recognition of biotechnological innovations as integral solutions to complex challenges faced by industries worldwide.

From healthcare and agriculture to environmental sustainability and pharmaceuticals, the pervasive influence of biotechnological advancements is unmistakable. This surge underscores a collective recognition of the transformative potential inherent in biotechnological research and applications.

The allure of Biotechnology is so expanded, and the pursuit of Biotechnology courses is so prominent that there are multiple options available for pursuing Biotechnology Courses after 12th. Let us examine them in detail!

Biotechnology Courses after 12th

There are many options available for students to pursue Biotechnology courses after 12. The courses that can be pursued are:

A comprehensive four-year undergraduate programme offering in-depth knowledge of biological sciences, genetic engineering, and molecular biology. It equips students with the skills required for research, development, and innovation in the biotechnology sector.

  • BSc in Biotechnology

A Bachelor of Science programme providing foundational knowledge in biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, and bioinformatics. This course serves as a gateway to various specialisations within the biotech field.

  • BTech in Food Technology

Focused on the application of biotechnological principles in food production, this programme explores areas such as food processing, quality control, and safety. It prepares students for roles in the growing field of biotech-enhanced food production.

  • BTech Applied Biotechnology

A specialised programme that combines biological sciences with engineering principles. It emphasises practical applications in bioprocessing, bioinformatics, and environmental biotechnology, providing a holistic approach to the discipline.

  • BSc Genetics

A programme focusing on the study of genes, heredity, and genetic variations. It is a foundational course for those interested in understanding the molecular basis of life and pursuing careers in genetics research.

  • BSc in Bioinformatics

Integrating biology and information technology, this course explores the computational aspects of biotechnology. It equips students with skills in data analysis, genomics, and computational biology.

Biotechnology Courses Scope

There is a humungous B Tech Biotechnology scope that biotechnology graduates can explore. The scope after pursuing Biotechnology is:

  • Technical Solution Manager

Overseeing technological solutions and strategies, a technical solution manager plays a key role in integrating biotechnological advancements into practical applications.

  • Research Associate

Engaged in experimental research and data analysis, research associates contribute to the development of new biotechnological processes and applications.

  • Medical Scientists

Involved in medical research, medical scientists apply biotechnological principles to advance healthcare, contributing to the development of new diagnostics and treatments.

  • Biomedical Engineers

Combining engineering principles with biology, biomedical engineers design and develop medical devices, prosthetics, and healthcare technologies.

  • Microbiologists

Microbiologists study microorganisms and their applications, playing a crucial role in fields such as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and environmental science.

  • R&D and Process Development Scientists

Engaged in research and development, these scientists contribute to the improvement and optimisation of biotechnological processes.

  • Biomanufacturing Specialists

Focused on the large-scale production of biotechnological products, biomanufacturing specialists ensure efficient and scalable manufacturing processes.

  • Bioproduction Operators

Involved in the day-to-day operations of bioproduction facilities, operators contribute to the manufacturing of biotechnological products.

  • Project Assistant

Assisting in project management, project assistants play a vital role in coordinating tasks and ensuring the smooth execution of biotechnological projects.

  • Project Management Engineer

Combining engineering skills with project management, these professionals oversee the planning and execution of biotechnological projects.

Seize your Future in Biotechnology at Mahindra University

Mahindra University in Hyderabad is acclaimed for its world-class education, cutting-edge technical skills, advanced scientific infrastructure, and international faculty. With a 100% placement rate, the university provides internship opportunities, ensuring a holistic campus life and excellent infrastructure.

The B.Tech in Biotechnology programme at Ecole Centrale School of Engineering, Mahindra University, Hyderabad, is a four-year initiative in collaboration with the École Central Group of Institutions, France. This residential programme focuses on cultivating engineers with the ability to navigate global engineering challenges and embrace cutting-edge technologies, empowering them to make a positive societal impact in the future. The programme is dedicated to nurturing future leaders for a more promising world.

Key Technical Competencies of the Programme:

  • Application of omics technologies and innovative gene/genome sequencing in various biotech domains.
  • Proficiency in gene cloning, CRISPR, genome editing, exploration of genetic disorders, gene silencing, gene therapy, and transgenic plants and animals.
  • Expertise in genomics related to genetic disorders, cell therapy, identification of novel drug targets, and advancements in drug delivery technologies.
  • Utilisation of lab-on-a-chip technologies, militarised labs for swift testing in biopharma drug screening and disease modelling, paper-based microfluidics for diagnostics, enabling point-of-care diagnosis.
  • Knowledge and application of biomaterials, cell cultures, the recombinant production of medical products and therapies, as well as speciality chemicals. Integration of machine learning in automation, fermentation, and precision biomanufacturing.
  • Proficiency in tissue grafting for burn treatments, regenerative medicine, organ transplantation, and cultured meat production.
  • Application of medical scans, drug discovery techniques, biomarkers identification, literature mining, decision support in digital agritech, and image classification for rapid detection.

Empower Your Biotech Brilliance

Biotechnology courses after 12th offer a gateway to a dynamic and impactful career. The diverse range of programmes allows students to tailor their education to specific interests, and the growing demand for biotechnological applications across various industries ensures a wide scope of opportunities. Choosing a Biotechnology course after 12th opens doors to a world of possibilities and paves the way for a rewarding and influential career in the ever-expanding realm of biotechnology.


Which course is best in biotechnology after 12th?

BTech Biotechnology, BSc Biotechnology, MTech Biotechnology, and BTech Applied Biotechnology stand out as some of the highly sought-after courses in Biotechnology.

How many years is biotechnology?

4 Years (8 semesters).

Is biotechnology a high-paying job?

Indeed, careers in Biotechnology frequently provide competitive remuneration, particularly for positions demanding specialised expertise or advanced qualifications. 

What is the scope of biotechnology?

Upon course completion, students have opportunities for careers in both public and private sectors.

Which is better, B Pharma or biotechnology?

While both courses are commendable, Biotechnology presents greater job opportunities in the agricultural, industrial, and medical sectors.

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