Factors To Consider In Selecting a University

Published On: January 16, 2022

The choice of college is an important decision in a student’s life. The student looks forward to college life with excitement and challenges. Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions a student makes in their life. A sense of freedom emerges to a student in a college ambience. While this freedom gives choices, the student must focus on his goals to derive maximum benefit from the college education. The following are some of the key factors before selecting a university.

Academic courses available: Always check for the list of courses available at the concerned university. Do you know what kind, of course, you want to study? If yes, check the list of courses in detail, whether it contains the course of your interest. Even if you are unsure about what you want to study, research the college well, keep options, and make sure all your options are there in the chosen college so that you don’t have to change colleges often.

Reputation of the institution: It is crucial to validate the quality of the university in terms of faculty, infrastructure, reputation in the education sector. The validation process can be through checking the rank, usually done by newspapers, magazines and websites. The second level of check can be by contacting alumni, previous employers or through social media. E.g. Glassdoor, Quora. If the college collaborates with institutes of repute, it helps select such a university.

Placements: Look out for the placements made by the university in the past. The names of the employers and the size and scale of the employers will facilitate arriving at the choice, of course, to be pursued. Moreover, if the university has a backing of a reputed industry like Mahindra’s, it further adds strength to the selection of the course and the college.

Infrastructure in the university: It is important for the student to look out for not only academic knowledge but facilities to apply practical knowledge. Therefore infrastructure like computer labs, tool rooms, labs is some of the key aspects a student has to look through before selecting a college.

Amenities and facilities available on campus: The different kinds of facilities available at the campus plays a vital role in determining whether a student would choose the particular university or not. Hostels, dining areas, medical facilities, recreation opportunities are some of the essentials that play a crucial role while searching for a university. If the student is an outstation candidate, he may like to look out hostel and canteen facilities and ambience to suit his studies.

Cost of education: After having gone through the above factors, another essential factor to consider would be the cost of education. The student might not only want to list out boarding and lodging, fees for infrastructure, WIFi charges, travel charges, among other expenses. This will give a total cost of the cost during the entire stay. Depending on the student’s financial status, they have to evaluate avenues for funding, including financial aid, loan, and other factors.

Mahindra University is backed by the house of Mahindra and has got excellent world-class collaborations. It has world-class facilities in the form of connected classrooms and well-equipped labs. The campus is filled with lush greenery and sports a cool and moderate temperature throughout the year. Even during Summer, it is not too hot. It is located within the city of Hyderabad and has options of students being a resident of the campus or travelling from their homes.

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