How to practice Self-Love?

Published On: October 11, 2022

Self-love is necessary as it will grant you happiness and confidence in yourself. We look for love from the outside and seek validation, as that is how we have known love throughout childhood. But the time has come to change it, as no amount of external validation will suffice if you don’t love and are not content with yourself. In all honesty, true love can come only from within. Safety will always be an issue if you don’t have confidence in your talents.

By working on ourselves, we can limit our overthinking thoughts and live a life that truly makes us happy. Practising self–love would allow you to be not harsh on yourself and become a better human being.

Ways to practice Self–Love?

Enforce the Fact that You Don’t Have To Be Perfect: In today’s world of cutthroat competition, almost everyone aspires to be perfect or nearly perfect. But there is no requirement to be perfect. The idea of perfection is untrue, and whatever you see on social media is false as it typically hides the backstory and only shows the positives. Nobody is flawless, and being yourself is generally the best way to face the problems arising from daily life.

Live for the Moment: Thinking about the past or the future will waste your present time. Instead, realize how precious the present is and how fortunate you are to live in it with whatever you have.

Love Yourself Before Loving Others: It is always important to be kind and love yourself before loving others. You cannot provide love to others if you don’t have love within. It drains you of energy as you start providing care to someone else if you don’t take care of yourself. But on the other hand, you will be brimming with the energy to love someone if you love yourself, as you will radiate positive energy. So stop seeking love outside of you and love yourself first. The more you love yourself better it is, and the happier you become and cherish yourself.

Have a Gratitude Journal: Gratitude is one of the key reasons to feel happy. So write down every day in a journal things that you are grateful for and that genuinely make you happy. Comfortability makes us ungrateful and not value the things we should acknowledge. Gratitude can make us feel glad and pump positive endorphins or feel-good hormones into our system.

Understand That Not Everything is in Your Hands: The only thing you can control is your reactions to situations around you. So stop being harsh on yourself, and don’t overthink too much. Realize that what others think or their actions or decisions are not based on you. Focus on your reactions to situations rather than your control over the situation. Do the best you can and let it work the best it can, rather than trying to control everything and everyone.

Eat Healthier: Both your mental and physical are impacted by what you eat. So regulate and eat your food. Try not to be too harsh on yourself and on whatever you put into your body. Otherwise, you will be sitting worrying every time. Be on a healthy natural diet and practice self-love. Your body also will be glad.

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