Value-added skills for Electrical & Electronics Eng.

Published On: January 1, 2020

Gone are the days when a regular engineering degree was enough to accelerate career growth. Nowadays, you need to gain value-added skills while pursuing an engineering degree to stand out in the crowd of engineers. The recruiters pay more attention to the CVs of engineers equipped with value-added skills beneficial for their industry.

It is a harsh reality that the unemployment rate among engineers in India is higher than any other industry. Is it because of a massive skill gap or a lesser number of opportunities? With the rise of IR 4.0, there is no dearth of job opportunities for engineers. Hence, it is the skill gap that needs to be addressed to prepare engineers for the industry of tomorrow.

Hundreds of engineers pass out every year from different places but only a few possess the industry-oriented skills – this is where the skill gap lies and the number of unemployed engineers adds up. This skill gap should be reduced by equipping budding engineers with value-added skills to ensure engineering as a future-proof career option.

Below are a few pointers to help you understand how Electrical & Electronics Engineers can gain the much-needed value-added skills to give their career the desired direction.

Micro Processor & Micro Controller Training

The entire electronics & electrical engineering revolves on the axis of microprocessors and microcontrollers- there is no denying this fact. No electrical & electronics engineer can emerge as a prolific expert without a thorough knowledge of these technologies. Hence, attending the specialized microprocessor & microcontroller training programmes adds to the value-added skills of engineering students looking to pursue their careers in electronics and electrical engineering.

Embedded System Training

Embedded systems have emerged as one of the most advanced technologies in the control and electronics applications. Therefore, it becomes a necessity for all engineers to enrich their knowledge in the embedded system. Apart from the regular studies, students should participate in the training programmes on embedded systems to gain value-added skills and become industry-ready with experiential learning.

Robotics Training

The Electrical & Electronics Engineers need to excel in the field of design and controlling and they need to learn Robotics for the same, which is one of the key emerging technologies and often employed for developing new and innovative prototypes. In order to become an industry-ready professional, the engineering students should get a commendable hold on this technology by attending training programmes they can even go for a short-term course in robotics engineering.

PLC Workshops

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Circuits which is crucial for employing automatic control and operation. Almost every industry employs the structure of PLCs to design its operation and control devices. Hence, the PLC workshops educate the students with core industry-based skills and after gaining the in-depth knowledge of PLC structures, electronics & electrical engineers add more to their skills. Also, there are certified PLC training programmes that the students can pursue to advance their skills.

Project Simulation Training

The competence of engineers can be assessed on the basis of their agility in delivering the projects. Project simulation training programmes throw light on how to actively research for different projects. Especially the students in their 3rd and 4th year should never miss such training programmes. It will help them enrich their portfolio with some extraordinary value-added skills by attending project training imparted by the industry experts.

Industrial Internships

Most of the engineering students don’t take industrial internship seriously, which is a wrong move and restricts their industry-focused learning. All the engineering students should sincerely serve their industrial internships as they prove to be a treasure trove of knowledge, learning, and industry exposure. The recruiters give weightage to your industrial internships while you appear for the interview. Hence, the way to value-added skills goes through industrial internships.


The competition is getting stiffer each day on different verticals of electronics and electrical engineering. Therefore, it has become mandatory for engineering students to keep themselves upgraded with newer technologies and gain value-added skills to be ready for all sorts of competition. In the process of gaining value-added skills, you also gain excellence and top recruiters are always in the dearth of new-engineers who are industry-ready.

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