Top 5 career opportunities in Machine Learning

Published On: July 20, 2022

Students learning machine learning will have a wide variety of chances before them as our society moves closer to automating a vital number of processes performed by humans today.

Many of the daily operations behind apps are programmed using machine learning. Moreover, opportunities in machine learning are increasing by the day as algorithms are needed more.

Below are some opportunities for a student taking machine learning courses to pursue a machine learning degree.

Software Engineer: A strong talent is required for writing code as a software engineer as the candidate will be required to create code that would support the development of algorithms. An engineer usually develops a program that describes how the computer is to perform certain functions using structural instructions. The software engineers will need knowledge of computer science and engineering, and mathematics from their machine learning degree to design and develop software.

Machine learning courses can provide students with writing their programs, including operating systems, network distribution, and converting programs into executable files. But, of course, the engineer must do rigorous testing, and the problem should be fixed by finding any bugs. Careers in machine learning require the software engineer to understand their client at a deeper level.

Designer in Human-Centered Machine Learning: Learning about developing systems that can process information and recognize patterns is something the designer who works on creating human-centered machine learning handles. This further increases the need to design programs that account for every possible scenario and allows the machine to learn. In addition, when the learning is centered around humans, it gives birth to a ‘smart’ user experience. For example, if Netflix uses it, it offers the viewers choice of movies. The students will be prepared for a career in machine learning by understanding the working of a computer. For example, human-centered machine learning is responsible for the algorithms behind feeds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube recommendations. Amazon also uses it to show what products to show its consumer. Further, the designers create software for banks as many banking transactions are conducted online and electronically. Therefore, checking fraudulent financial transfers through complex computer systems is necessary, but one must make sure not to go overboard.

Data Scientists: To become a data scientist, it is necessary to know programming. Languages with statistics such as R, Python and SQL play a vital role in helping candidates. A data scientist is also involved in information analysis which helps in decision making and requires the scientist to make suitable conclusions. The data scientists are also needed to find out humongous sets of data located in different places to find insights and information on which action can be taken. Machine learning is incorporated into the job of a data scientist, and they will have to look for solutions to these problems and find meaning in the data.

Computational Linguist: The machine learning technologies work hand in hand with voice recognition software to help people navigate through telephone systems. Computer linguists help computers perform better. For example: Talk to text application are slowly becoming popular and is a tool for the visually impaired. Computational linguists must be familiar with how other fellow beings use languages for them to improve the current computer systems. The work requires a systematic understanding of speech patterns, syntax, spelling and grammar, and at least one language in addition to machine learning to perform at their optimum.

Robotics Engineer: Building robots and complex robotic systems is the work of a robotics engineer. The engineers must think about the mechanics of the future human assistant and how to assemble its electronic parts and code. Therefore, to become a specialist, you need to be well–versed in electronics and mechanics. Robotic engineers will have several opportunities to work with machine learning systems.

Above are some careers a student can choose after their under-graduation in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Engineering from Mahindra University.

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