LLB 3-Year Course: The Perfect Launchpad for Your Legal Profession!

Published On: March 28, 2023
The Perfect Launchpad for Your Legal Profession

Gone are those days when the legal profession was like any other not-so-captivating profession! In today’s era, the legal profession has seen a massive boom and has emerged as one of the most imperative limbs of justice administration. Without the law profession, the justice servers wouldn’t have been in the position to regulate and proffer justice efficaciously because-

  • The evidence in support of or against cannot be legally marshalled.
  • The facts can’t be precisely articulated.
  • The relevant legal arguments, whether in favour or against, can’t be put forth in front of the court.

In simple terms, a well-organised framework of judicial administration works with an adequately equipped and competent Bar. According to a BLS report, the employment rates of attorneys are expected to grow 10% faster than other occupations.

If you plan to kick start your career in the law field, pursuing an LLB 3-year course would be an optimum choice.

What is an LLB 3-Year Course?

A 3-year LLB course is a bachelor of law degree offered by elite-class universities across the globe. Aspirant is only eligible for this professional law degree if he/she has already earned graduation. Moreover, LLB 3-year course in India is typically regulated by the Bar Council of India, also known as BCI.

The three-year LLB course is constructed around multidisciplinary study amalgamated with practical learning. The law program allows learners to comprehend theory and practice by heart; it is also designed to create lawyers who can quickly meet and tackle the challenges of the current scenario.

Like many others, you might wonder, “Is a three-year LLB better than five years LLB?”

Correct? The answer lies underneath!

Let’s explore…

Which is Better: 3-Year LLB or 5 Year LLB?

Undoubtedly, the most crucial pillar of Democracy, the Judiciary, plays an essential role in the Judicial System. LLB, aka Bachelor of Legislative Law, can be pursued through either an LLB 3-year course or an integrated LLB 5-year course. A 3-year LLB degree offers candidates a bachelor’s degree in core law subjects. On the contrary, a five-year LLB is an integrated law degree offered along with a bachelor’s degree in arts, humanities, commerce, science, or more.

However, it is the individual’s choice whether he/she wants to pursue a 3-year LLB course or a 5-year integrated one. Also, along with fees for the LLB courses, another thing that must be considered is the Institution or the University!

In India, many educational institutions or universities offer LLB 3-year courses. Nevertheless, choosing the elite one is the key! So cut to the chase; one of the finest universities providing the 3-year LLB degree is Mahindra University!

Mahindra University – A Gateway to Have a Blossoming Career in Law

With a gigantic outlook and meeting international education standards, Mahindra University (MU) follows a mind-boggling idea to balance the learning spirit of the learners. Therefore, the University invested its precious time in designing a well-thought curriculum for its programmes, including LLB 3-year course, to create a glittering future for its students. As a result, the law education MU proffers have substantially impacted being a well-honoured University, amongst others.

Hopping to the LLB 3-year course it provides, the syllabus of LLB includes not only all the subjects but also adds up and goes the extra mile to have industry-specific specialisations. The specialisations offered in LLB 3-year course are-

  • Business Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Law
  • Public Law
  • Civil & Private Law

At Mahindra University’s School of Law, the LLB admission criteria are similar to many other universities, have a look underneath:

  • A candidate must have scored at least a minimum of 60% or equivalent grade in under graduation.
  • An aspirant must clear a Panel Interview with other shortlisted identities.

Is There Any Entrance Exam for LLB Course at Mahindra University?

Yes, The School of Law at Mahindra University does conduct an entrance exam known as MULET for LLB courses, including BBA LLB and BA LLB. This MULET law entrance exam consists of 90 multiple-choice questions based on the-

  • English Efficiency
  • Logical Learning
  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs
  • Mathematics
  • Legal Reasoning

Also, this test will have negative markings for every wrong answer.

Map Out Your Law Career with Mahindra University

Law education opens doors to professions in corporate, government, education, media and other fields. No denying; the law profession can be exciting, intellectually daunting, yet exponentially rewarding. To emerge as a highly competent law professional, an LLB degree can act as the cherry on the cake for you in becoming sharper and more confident while gaining intensive law knowledge! Hence, if you believe you have the qualities of an attorney, nurturing them at Mahindra University would be the best thing you can ever accomplish!

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